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  1. MY feeling was the in the same line with OP. I have alot of going thru my life not sure if this is the right line of work for me...or if FL is where I really want my family to be. BUT I can always go and open these series and go to a familiar place with familiar characters. I finally got around to reading the final book. It was a sad and a bitter sweet feeling. Knowing that I can always go back and re read the series is something that am going to again. There is always little pieces that I miss the first time. I read from book1-book7 three times and each time I found a new piece of
  2. There was many side stories that felt the same way with this book...one of them that really ticked me off was how it was ended...sure now Rand can bend the pattern at will...but he just walks away from his Father, Matt and Perrin who gave up a large chunk of their lives and the epilogue...they could had done a better job at that...Did Perrin and Faile had any children? what Happened to Matt or Tam? Did they go back to the Two Rivers, what of the white tower? You can tell where RJ stopped writing and the rest was fllled in...RJ made his characters come alive from Matt's Shannanigans to epic bat
  3. Hello everyone. I started reading this series 16 years ago when I met the woman I would marry and she introduce me to this wonderful series. I stayed up till 3 AM just to finish the last book.
  4. I have to say after reading all 14 volumes it was worth the journey. My ONLY complaint was the ending...RJ pour so much emotion and feelings and built such a strong relationship between Rand and his friends.... For Rand to just walk away from Tam, Perrin and Matt...that was one of the biggest annoyance to me. Aside from that awesome story through long winded at times but well worth it. @cronus I cried as well my friend several times...thank you RJ for taking me into this journey
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