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  1. I manage to solve this by myself with the help of books.google.com, and bought al of the books from Barns&Noble. If anyone else comes up with the same problem. Here's the list: Volume Book ISBN 1 Eye of the World 9780312850098 2 The Great Hunt 9781429960137 3 Dragon Reborn 9781429960168 4 Shadow Rising 9781429960199 5 Fires of Heaven 9781429960373 6 Lord of Chaos 9781429960533 7 Crown of Swords 9781429960571 8 Path of Daggers 9781429960595 9 Winter's Heart 9780812575583 10 Crossroads of Twilight 9781429960748 11 Knife of Dreams 9781429960816 12 Gather
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. I forgot to tell that I'm located in Norway.
  3. Hi. I originally started reading WoT when I was just a little lad, and now, 12 years later, I am returning to the series. Starting at Eye of the World I'm planning to buy all 14 books and complete the series. Tbh I have not read any books since I quit reading WoT all those years ago, and I had no idea how hard the online books stores were to use. So I'm begging you guys, to please help me through my OCD here. I want to buy all the books for my collection. I bought the EotW in the limited slipcase version, only to find out that it was the only book released. I want to buy all the bo
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