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  1. So they become obsessive followers because she doesn't laugh at them? To me, it seems her better qualities, and how she helps Perrin, is her understanding of all the games the nobility are playing and how to maneuver there. In short, she's really good at being a noble. It sems like all the Cha Faile people rejected the noble life and then embraced someone who was a paragon of that life. I don't see how she's charismatic, but even assuming she is I don't understand why that group of people would follow her.
  2. Hi everyone! I just joined the forum here to ask this question. Does anybody understand the existence of Cha Faile? I mean, so a group of nobles decide to basically try to become Aiel and step 2 is they swear allegiance to Faile of all people? How does that happen? How do you decide you want to be like the Aiel and then decide you want to follow a person who isn't Aiel or remotely like one? And beyond Cha Faile, when Faile's captured by the Shaido other people captured are falling all over themselves to swear fealty to her. I don't understand this at all. I agree with the general negative impression of her, but even from a sympathetic viewpoint she's still very young and doesn't have the kind of experience and accomplishment that would explain so may people having so much loyalty to her. Even if she were taveren it would be a stretch. Does anyone have any insight or a theory about this?
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