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  1. Bittersweet. Language fails me right now, and that is the only word I can come up with that fits. Bittersweet. I've read the series for half of my life. It really is like losing a friend. They'll always be there, and I can always reread them again, but they'll never be fresh to me, I know how the story ends. That is both a wonderful and a terrible thing. I'd like to thank Mr. Jordan. In a very real sense, he helped shape the person I am today. I cried. I could't help it. Characters died, and it hurt me. Characters lived, and I wept for them. The Last B
  2. hi longtime reader, been a fan since 1991. just finished the last book today and now i feel kind of depressed and empty. its not that i didn't like the end, just that i can't believe its over. i wish mr. jordan could know the impact his writing has had on me over the last 20 something years.
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