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  1. Thanks! I have watched Dragonmount for updates since Towers of Midnight days :D It only gets better past book five, I almost envy the fact that you haven't read all of them yet xD
  2. Hi guys! I am sorta new here, but if you are looking for a series similar to the wheel of time I would try Brandon Sanderson. Not only did he help finish the wheel of time, but his books are awesome too! The Way of Kings reminds me a lot of the wheel of time, and I feel like it has a lot of potential. Also, don't get fada! wheel of time tv series will be here eventually!
  3. There were many pros and many cons in this pilot but the thing i am happy about is that they finally made something that was moderately cool.
  4. way better then i expected they should totally make a wheel of time tv series
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