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  1. Hmm.. I think we get annoyed with Perrin's mentality about Faile being his whole world because we do not understand it. We are on the outside looking in, so we see that if he lets the entire world die, she will die, too. But Perrin only sees it in context of his feelings for her. He cares for her so deeply that she is his world. We, however, don't love her that way, because we're not Perrin. We care about the rest of the world because we've had a view of all of the world that Perrin has not. I think his feelings are understandable if you think about it from his point of view, but people have a hard time doing that. Yes, he's irrational, but his deep love for someone is being put under so much stress. I like that Perrin cares for her so much. Even if we can't see why!!
  2. Is the Asian woman supposed to be Berelain?
  3. Well, monkeys are one thing, Theoryman. All my ranting was about the possibility of doing a head transplant on a human being. There's a difference between a monkey head kept alive and attempting an entire-body transplant. Doing a transplant like that is going to have ethical questions that need to be discussed. People already have ethical concerns about smaller things. And I really don't think it will be physically possible. But who knows? In the future, nanosurgery and splicing together neurons may be small potatoes. Kinda like flying an airplane. :P
  4. Everyone has limits even if they are set pretty far back. For instance, if someone came in to the nursery and ordered me to kill 10 babies with my bare hands or they'd shoot my husband, I think my husband would prefer I let him die rather than do something like that. Now I'm not comparing that to what you are talking about, but I think when you have to choose between something you feel is disgusting or morally wrong versus letting someone go, it's not fair to insist that I swallow my bile and choose evil.
  5. In the top left corner of the Dragonmount site, there is a random drawing of different WoT characters. Whenever I see the one of Mat with his cowboy-looking hat and his fox medallion, I always think it is a woman. For some reason, I've always immediately thought of Min. I can't fix it in my head that it is Mat, even though I've studied the picture, and I can see his foxhead medallion, his scarf, his hat, etc. It just looks like a girl to me! Actually, I don't know who most of those characters are, except for Nynaeve with her ki'sain and Rand with his red coat and reddish colored hair... Does anyone else have this problem, or is my brain just broken?
  6. I didn't mean to flame you. While I do think it is kind of silly to compare airplane flight with putting a severed head on someone else's beheaded body, I will let you have your say since I really don't think this will happen in our lifetime, whether through lack of research because of ethical questions or just because of the impossibly intricate nature of the problem of attaching a set of neurons inside a head to the bottom half of someone else's neurons inside the body. Not to mention the question of who would be the first surgeons and patients to attempt the bodysnatcher surgery. But I digress. As for how far I would go to save someone I love, I have very definite limits. We're all going to die someday, and I think boundaries are necessary.
  7. Will Alviarin and the Black Ajah catch the group of sisters hunting for them? When the Last Battle comes, will all the Black sisters and Darkfriend Asha'man finally come out in the open? What will happen with the Darkfriend Asha'man and the Red sisters in the Black Tower? How will the Last Battle begin? Where did Lan go and what is he trying to do? What will Cadsuane teach the Asha'man? What will she do with Semirhage?
  8. Well, it was long when you had to wait for books 9, 10, and 11. But I just did a re-read and it was easier to swallow. A lot of things that I thought were dragged out (Salidar, Faile kidnapping, Thom reading Moiraine's letter, Seanchan this Seanchan that, Mat getting hit by a building and disappearing for a whole book) were actually a lot more fast-paced than I had imagined before. When you read straight through 1-11, things happen a lot faster. What's interesting is that a lot of things then suddenly seem to happen TOO fast. When did Berelain stop chasing Perrin (and why)?
  9. There's no way they could have this in the "near future." Putting a severed head on a beheaded body is crazy. Severing the spinal cord and then realigning all of the neurons (not to mention attaching them together) is not possible. This is just crazy talk. I also didn't like your political stab at religion. But I did like the hilarious mental picture I got of this. Reminds me of all the heads in jars on Futurama. Funny stuff!
  10. The important thing is that RAND will not go for it. He thinks to himself that he hopes Min and Aviendha mask the bond when he's with Elayne, because when he's with Elayne, she's the only woman that exists to him. And he feels the same way about the other two. He doesn't want to be with them at the same time or (PERVY) watch them be with each other. He LOVES them, as individuals, and wants to be with them as individuals. Now quit being sleezy.
  11. Egeanin and Domon are aboard a ship on the Aryth Ocean when they encounter a Seanchan ship approaching. Being the Captain of this particular ship, Egeanin shouts for her red shirt, and a spry swashbuckler with a curved sword on his back runs off to fetch it. Two days later, the lookout spots two Seanchan ships approaching. Egeanin once again shouts for a red shirt, and a one-eyed pirate lopes off to find it. At this point, Domon cannot contain his curiosity. He scratches his beard, peers at Egeanin and says "Lass, what do be the significance of the red shirt?" Egeanin looks askance at Domon, muttering under her breath about property. Finally she answers him, "If we have to fight, I may take an injury. The captain of a ship cannot be seen to falter, or the crew loses heart. If I'm wearing a red shirt, no one can see me bleeding, and they fight all the harder, seeing their captain fighting alongside them without fail." A week later, the lookout yells down to the deck that he sees a fleet of twenty ships approaching with their battle flags raised. Egeanin appears shaken. When she can speak, she shouts, "Someone find my brown pants!"
  12. I thought one of the lady Forsaken made reference to how easy it was to pick up the language of the new time period, since the new time period is so primitive. But I agree that it seems improbable that the Forsaken would be able to speak it instantly, however primitive, because the Old Tongue is so vastly different from the new way. Ah well.
  13. I always thought it meant that the Last Battle would be so horrible that there would only be a Memory of Light left. Children born during the Last Battle won't know what it's like to live in a good world. Woe to everyone who lives during Tarmon Gai'don.
  14. I think the Darkhounds are hunting Fain. The Shadow wants him dead because he's a renegade or something. Something else that just struck me while reading KoD: Aviendha found out she can read ter'angreal, and then she picked up one that she said was for "making holes" only they are not quite holes, and to make it work you have to sing the right song. Sounds like something connected to THE Song. But what is holes that aren't holes?
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