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  1. Becaue then they would be called Draghkar. If they could all fly then they would have a huge advantage because they could ignore any fire from channeling wouldn't they? Or would Egwene only have done the same amount of damage to the Seanchan if they were on the ground instead? Well the interesting thing about that is that all the scenes with Draghkar that I can remember involve them being shot down quite easily, both by archers and channelers. I don't have the best memory though so I could be wrong.
  2. I agree with this. I definitely wanted to like Cadsuane, and often I did like her. Compared to other AS who drove me completely mad, she was great. I have really only have one main complaint with her, and that is the way she treated Nynaeve. Nyn didn't deserve her treatment at the hands of Cads. It would have been really cool, and strikingly human, if Cads had developed with Nynaeve the kind of relationship she developed with Sorilea. I wish RJ/BS had done this. Instead, Cads treats her like crap, which was utterly stupid. Obviously Cads' treatment of Rand, at face value, was ter
  3. I pretty much agree with your assessment of the battle. I expected that you would feel that way when you read it. While it's certainly possible to explain away each individual curiosity, as Rhienne has done above, it does little to make the entire event believable, to me. I only have a few things to add to your critique, because I do agree with most of your points. The first is that they attacked with ~100 raken, correct? Raken should be, and have been shown to be, incredibly easy to shoot down. If 20 sisters shoot down one each, and Egwene shoots down merely 10, that's a third of
  4. Let's not forget that the Seanchan also have more traditional slaves in the so'jhin. Seanchan is a fascist state in the truest sense of the word. There is really no debating it. They are totalitarian, militaristic, imperialist, ultranationalist, and ethnocentric (not with regard to ethnicity per se, but culturally and with regard to channellers). There is no ground to defend them on with the sole exception of the fact that they intend to fight the Shadow in the last battle. It's hard to imagine why Jordan doesn't paint them in a worse light than he does, considering how obviously th
  5. If anyone cares to give it a shot I'd be interested to see some more characters stat'd out. The Forsaken would be interesting, some more Aes Sedai, Faile, etc.
  6. Thanks for bringing that up. I hadn't remembered that bit. I edited it upwards. Also made a couple more changes... gave Logain a bit more thought and boosted his wis and cha.
  7. They are both 17. Only Perrin is higher, and I would put people like Gaul, Rolan, Luca's strongman, etc at 18 as well. I had actually thought Nynaeve was shorter when I made this. Rather, I didn't realize Egwene was so short. Egwene did have training with the Aiel, which would probably have been enough to bring her strength up to Nynaeve's level despite being a bit more diminutive. But you're right, Nyn probably shouldn't be lower. As to Rand's charisma, remember that this is a snapshot at the end of ToM. Around that time I recall a lot of comments that were something like "W
  8. Isn't Cadsuane also around the level of Egwene/Elayne, approaching the bottom tier of Forsaken level power? I thought I remember hearing something along those lines, but I could be wrong. Also, isn't Aviendha just as strong as Egwene/Elayne?
  9. Lol. Great thread. It's tough to choose. I'd probably say Siuan > Nynaeve > Min. For boys, hmmm. We don't really get any good male characters who do something besides fighting, unfortunately. I didn't realize so many people liked Logain until I came to this forum. I am a bit surprised noone has said Androl yet though. I guess I'll go with.. Androl > Logain > Talmanes
  10. Meh, I agree more or less about the Seanchan. I don't have the same gripes about their battle with the Trollocs, I find it perfectly plausible that they could have won there. Trollocs are shown to be almost unbelievably weak time and time again in this series, regardless of who is fighting them. That, in itself, is really quite absurd. The fact that they are nine feet tall and probably weigh 500-700lbs makes it really difficult to believe that any but the most elite humans could match them 1 for 1. Justice is never really done in the series to trollocs, in my view, and if we were never to
  11. Hi all, first post. I figured this had likely been done before but searches turned up nothing. I love making lists and rankings things, so I thought it would be fun to assign D&D style ability scores to the characters in Wheel of Time. A quick note about the numbers for those unfamiliar with D&D. 10-11 represents the average human range, 3 represents the lower limit of human capacity. 12-13 is good, better than the average human. 14-15 is very good, with maybe 2-5% of people exhibiting this level of ability. 16-17 is exceptional and easily places one in the 99th or 99.9th per
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