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  1. I'm back to work after a 6 month sabbatical so probably won’t get the chance to post here any more. I’ve been meaning to do a quick summary of what I liked and disliked about TWOT so here it is. Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong area. Please feel free to move it. Likes 1) World creation - I have never read a series with such a diverse and well thought out world. The TWOT world is massive and RJ spent a lot of time thinking and developing it 2) A light read - For the most part I have enjoyed the simple nature of TWOT prose. Both RJ and Sanderson did not bombard you with complic
  2. I don't get what the big deal is here. If RJ asked for an autographed copy of AGOT then so what? Good writers respect other good writers. It's like when the A380 made its first public flight many of the top Boeing engineers were present at the unveiling. They took photos and were genuinely admiring the plane.
  3. Just like yours is from not having experienced their suffering?
  4. I agree. A very interesting concept and quite unique.
  5. Run this by those who are currently starving, being raped and murdered.
  6. The issue here is not of Rand handling three girls. It's of the three girls handling themselves (or lack of it). Oh boy, what did I just say?!
  7. This was an opportunity to really see some flaws in the characters and take them out of their one dimensional moulds. Nothing like a bit of jealousy on the part of the woman to set the stage alight. Some poison perhaps? An assassin? One of the girls leaning towards the dark side in order to get Rand all to herself? Nope, none of that. We'll just accept three girls will share Rand. End of story.
  8. I found the romance in TWOT bizarre to say the least. What could have really set it alight was a REMA foursome!
  9. Offend me? You gave me a good laugh! How can I be offended? :-) I hear what you're saying. Time does change our perspective. When I was in highschool I never appreciated Shakespeare. I've been listening to Shakespeare audiobooks and they're brilliant. Like wise I was a big LOTR fan as a kid. I read that book a number of times but reading it again as an adult did not have the same appeal.
  10. Hence there being racial bias on part of the author ...
  11. 11 years old! Wow, you guys hear that? 11 years old!
  12. LOL! This cracked me up! This is akin to one going to a restaurant and not particularly enjoying a meal. When asked how the meal was you mention your lack of satisfaction at which point the Chef says you did not eat the food correctly! I never said TWOT was only for young adults.
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