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  1. wow great writing i must say... almost like RJ :] and when you think about it mat has mat most of the forsaken there are, at list 7+
  2. i gotta say mat is probaly the best figther of them all. he fought alot more meele battle then rand/perrin himslef, and with his memory he fought more battles then anyone else :/ he started in showing his skilles bs galad and Gawyn then the high lord of tier (they are pretty good) he fought coladin (the Aiel leader) the golam (best fight) and his last fight was vs 8 mans or somthing like that. he is fast and skilled, plues he almost naver get angry will fighting, just trying to stay alive. maybe lan will take him, but no one beside him...
  3. in the lord of chaos Morgase has made a deal with Pedron Niall about the fate of andor, does the deal still stand's? Morgase was the queen while the pack was made, theres nothing illigeal about it, so i wonder is galad gonna come to anodr with the Children of the Light, after all they have a contract... is it even ralevnce or galad gonna ignore it?
  4. Give me your trust said the Aes Sedai On my shoulders I support the sky Trust me to know and to do what is best And I will take care of the rest But trust is the colour of a dark seed growing Trust is the colour of a heart's blood flowing Trust is the colour of a soul's last breath Trust is the colour of death Give me your trust said the queen on her throne I bear the burden of ruling alone Trust me to lead and to judge and to rule And no man will think you a fool But trust is the sound of the grave dog's bark Trust is the sound of betrayal in the dark Trust is the sound of a soul's last breath Trust is the sound of death its in lord of chaos when mat dacnes in salider and remmber the old words for the song which is played, its was so sutible back then, and even now...
  5. nope was talking about Elyas, he killed some aes sadi didnt he? or warder? how cant he still be bound? i think somthing dont make seanse in this connction, its vert easy to do, but gains the one who does that alot of power over the other pearson.. if one of the chosen will use it on rand, according 2 what u say if hell die then rand will go into frenzy?
  6. oh ty guys, so in fact if the man dosnt went to be a warder, nothing will happen to him if the Aes die right? u jsut wanderd about the wolf dude (alice somthing dont know how 2 write in english) what happend to his aes sadi...
  7. just wondered i reammber reading in one of the books that after the aes sadi dies here warder dies few years later, so i just wented to know is it a must, or they die just cause they were connected for so long? and the bond can be broken is some way? thx for the help
  8. mmm no one said it, but its my favorite seance in all of the book, and the best combat i have ever red, when mat first fight the saido and try to escape and end in killing whats his name
  9. dont think so... if it is like that then way did they gave him these, he ask for 3 thing's , why would they give him more things then he need? plus maybe she didnt knew the waepon dont frogat no one knew about the effect of the fox medllion...
  10. maybe im flying solo here, but i dont love them. i cant say i hate them, but most the times i read about them i get anoyyed. firt of all i hate Aes Sedai im generlly i dont mind woman who can use the force, i like the wise ones, the sea folk but Aes Sedai is somthing deiffrent, they dont went to rule nation, but to rule the world, that annoyes me alot, they are to arragont! second of all there is how they treat mat and to there surnnding, naver show full gratdue, naver admit there are wrong or they need help... every time they treat people like they arent equel to them i get annoyed... and third and last i think comapring to other character in the searis they didnt realy had though life, i know they hunted the black aja and all but even then they didnt realy hide... but almost alwayes they were with company, they naver felt how it is to be close to die every singale second, how it is to watch there back's. i think there is somthing spoil in them, cant realy put my finger on it.
  11. just red again the 4th book and i see that in the chapter of Rhuidean there is pretty long descripton of the heart of Rhuidean and theres a descripton about spear shaped thing that is stuck in the ground neer all the ter'angreal angreal etc. so i just wonderd does the spear has some power (i cant recall somthing butmaybe u can), is it ter'angreal of some sort i dont.... maybe its nothing but the description of the black spear stuck in the ground is pretty long, and all the items in the yeard are realted to the one force...
  12. mmm dont think that they are so lucky, in the 2/3th book it say that taerven maybe be extremly lcuky somtimes, bot somtimes they dont have any luck at all (the give hawking as an exmple of a man that some times when he rool the dice everyithng he wented was shown). perrin and rand some times have really good luck and somtimes really bad lack its changes they are rearven and they change the pettern for the best and for the worst. i think mat changes it for good most of the times.
  13. i think Manetheren is such an obsession beacouse of the fact that two river and thier area start looking like a seaprated kingdom with a leadership and an army that listen to no man other then perrin (maybe rand 2 but every 1 listen to him...), im sure they arent gonna join andor and if thats the case somthing gotta happen and it seem like mat is a descended of some ancient Manetheren people even the king so hell be a good leader. even i dont know what the sienchin will say about that...
  14. Two Rivers people are fighting, they dont think themself as andor people. And i think they love that fact they are seaprated from Andor i dont see them bow before the lion thron... so anything can happen. and mat memmoris its orginal ones, not the ones he got from the foxes are from Manetheren cause he screams "Carai an Caldazar! Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande!" (Pg 265 ppb, tEotW, The Caemlyn Road) for the honor of the red eagle! For the honor of the rose of the sun! For the rose of the sun!" She continues to explain saying that this was the war cry of Manetheren namely its last king, Aemon. so he gotta be at list a soldier back then if not the king himself...
  15. Hello every one, im new to the form and ive just now finshed reading the 11 book (and now ive started reading everthing from the start again :P), anyway ive gotta ask you what do you think about the possbialty that mat not perrin is the king of Manetheren? in the first book we see how the blood runes in his vines much more strongley then in the other members of his party + we have the holes, he had holes in his memoriy before he went to the tarngel, and after reading this pieace: - In an interview Mr. Jordan stated that Mat's memories were from other men! Apparently the only people that enter the ter'angreal are gamblers and men of great daring, and most were great warriors and generals, the only ones daring enough to gamble with going in the ter'angreal. So when he asked for his memory to be filled they played a mean joke on him and filled his memeory with that of all of those men who had entered the ter'angreal over the years! So unfortunately Mat never got his real memory back. http://web.mac.com/enarra/wot//Main_Characters/? i think maybe he is the king of Manetheren, the blood is the strongest within him, and theres the holes in his mind 2, and he always thought it was funny Elayne thought she can rule on 2 rivers... so what do you think, is mat the king? and if he isnt who is he? the Theory i thought about when writing this: http://www.wotmania.com/theorypostdbtheory.asp?ID=855&Category=Mat ohh last thing sorry for my english, i aint a english naitve speaker :[
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