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  1. So... an update. I still haven't started AMoL but I pulled EotW back off the book shelf and I'm starting from the beginning (again). Maybe I'll build up enough momentum that I can just coast through the last book when I get there. :-)
  2. For many - many years the Wheel has been an anchor in my life... Something I could always return to when I needed to re-focus on all the day to day dramas of Work, Family, and all "that other crap" that I sometimes wish would "Just Go Away". The LAST BOOK is on my bookshelf... (Print and CDs)... and I've read the first few pages but I "Can Not" bring myself to actually read it. There are reasons... RJ died...Despair... BS picked up the story... Elation... The day that my pre-ordered copy of Memory of Light arrived... My Best Friend (35 years) died of brain cancer... Probate, estate sale, lawyers, judges, bureaucratic nonsense, and here I am... So Many Endings... but I don't want WOT to end.
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