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  1. Part of what made Siuan's death so sad for me was because she was the kind of woman to go 'the victory of the Light/Rand/Egwene/etc. are more important than my life' and to go through with sacrificing herself knowing the consequences. However, her death didn't really achieve anything. As far as I recall she didn't actually help or save anyone, which just makes it feel like she foolishly wasted her life by disregarding Min's viewing (if she'd stayed with Gareth she would have lived), rather than nobly sacrificing hersef for the greater good. It felt though that her, after being so awe
  2. Just finished. Hard to know what to do. I've read these books for 10 years, and they've had quite a bit to do with my development as a person I think. I've never been so fully immersed in anything. I respect the job that Sanderson did. He did a fine job of finishing this. It does piss me off that I never got to see Tuon meet Hawking, she may have been my favorite character. All in all, I did want more, but there had to be an ending. I'll of course read this series again this summer when I have the time, but for now, it's good to have an ending. I halfheartedly wish there would be more books, b
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