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  1. The audio books are cool. Yes a woman reads the female POV and a man reads the male POV. The method to my madness is to physically read one of the books and then listen to the audio book right after. The one thing that I didn’t appreciate at first was the character voices, but now that I’m accustomed to it and they no longer sound goofy.
  2. I'm in the group (20+ years or reading this series) too. I just keep rereading and do my best to introduce this story to my friends and family. That how I keep this series alive. I realy don't know if I can stop???
  3. I just listened to Sevann’s POV from the ACOS prologue. That is a good perspective too!
  4. Elayne’s Story, in my opinion, is good. The story just takes too long to be delivered. It’s the same with Perrin’s and Egwene’s stories, they took too long to be told. First off, readers have been waiting many years for the book to be released and when the three arcs span so many books the story seems to take forever to be told. My personal favorites are the Rand and Mat arcs. I remember feeling very impatient reading Elayne’s and Egwene’s story as I wanted more Rand and Mat. Now I had to wait over 20 years for the end of this story. Maybe if I could have read the book in one continuous uninterrupted flow I might not have been so impatient and would have appreciated the three other arcs more. If I had to choose my favorite between Perrin, Egwene & Elayne’s story I would choose Perrin’s. The climax was the strongest. (In my opinion)
  5. This is my take on this subject. Moiraine having her channeling ability reduced is just part of her character development, and maybe I could argue that her channeling reduction helps the wonder girls move into a more dominant role in the story. Now Moiraine had a good idea of what was going to happen that day at the Cairhien docks. Her character is passionate about her cause and was willing to suffer imprisonment and even risk death. I really appreciate Moiraine’s dedication to working with Rand to win the Last Battle. So she follows through with her conflict with Lanfear fully knowing that she was going to suffer greatly, she also knew that her channeling ability would be reduced. Moiraine even plants the bracelet hoping to use its power just to survive the Aelfinn and the Eelfin. She also risks death, if Mat and Thom don’t hold up their end of the rescue all three of them die. In my opinion, all these bold moves and sacrifices really make her one excellent character. So she is rescued, with less ability to channel. The As Sedan hierarchy is based on strength. The wonder girls are at the top of the totem pole and Moiraine is not. It’s a changing of the guard. That’s how I see it.
  6. I had to pick the dagger. That dagger kept triggering events and kept it’s significance throughout the entire series.
  7. My first OMG moment was from book 1 chapters 19 & 20. The introduction to Shadar Logoth. It was the Parrin POV, he was terrified, running for his life and blindly rides off a bluff and lands in a river. After reading that I had to jump out of my chair and I shouted out load “HOLY S**t THAT WAS AWESONE!” I knew at that moment that the book was going to be great. Any book that gets me physically moving and talking to myself was special. What I didn’t know was 23 years later I would still be have those OMG moments. AMOL had me leaping about and talking to myself again!
  8. Sulin is an interesting character. She easily can get lost in the shuffle of Maidens. I personally did not really notice how significant she is until I was re-reading the series for the third time.
  9. rand.al’thor, that was nicely written & 100% true.
  10. I started in 1991. Wow that was a long time ago. I'm really happy that the story was finished. After 22 years I finally got my ending.
  11. I can't choose! I've been debating with myself for 20 min! It's going to be between books 1 to 5. I just don't know yet.
  12. My take on the world without the DO. Rand imagines a world without greed or fear because he thinks killing the DO equals removing evil from humanity. Rand’s perception is that life is full of positive and negative experiences. He thinks removing all evil / negative experience will affect how humanity enjoys the good aspects of their lives. The joys of life will lose their importance and meaning. Without the struggle to balance positive and negative experiences humanity loses that spark of spirit that combats negative forces. Basically people will be like a flock of androids. So he decides to just seal the DO away. Now, my opinion is that the pattern will never let the world exist without an evil force. And that’s why Padin Fain’s character was so important. The pattern had him in place the step right into the DO’s shoes. My theory is if Rand killed the DO, Padin Fain/Mordeth/Shaisam would have been the new evil force that influences and amplifies humanities own evil tendencies. RJ’s world has a foundation of balance. We could all theorize endlessly, who knows what happened in ages past. But the pattern always balances things out and the wheel keeps on turning.
  13. Hey there B-Honcho. I'm sorry to hear about your best friend. Did your friend enjoy the WOT too? This series has been part of my world for many years also. I found the last book very emotional and also very enlightening. Some of the main characters really suffer thought there conflics, but in the end they have very interesting realizations. The serises might have ended, but the wheel keeps on turning. After reading the last book you will be left wanting more, because we really don't get any closure , The original plan was for RJ to write some out riggers, and because of that the series feels 98% finished. And there are plenty of theories here at Draginmount to feed our WOT appetite. Read it when you are ready.
  14. I always liked her. Many WOT fans don't like her and she gets a lot of heat. I'm re-reading the series now and I forgot she was introduced as a Hunter of the Horn. I can't say much more than that with out spoiling things for you.
  15. I have been re-reading this series for over 20 years too. I'm using audiobooks this time around. The audiobooks gave me a new perspective, hearing the story is a little different than reading it. Enjoy the end of the series.
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