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  1. Not necessarily true, Rand seems to feel the effects from the streams when channelling or trying to channel. Was Rand channeling or trying to close to the time Nynaeve delved him? Wasn't he or LTT trying to when or after the fireball nailed him?
  2. I still think his eye sight has nothing to do with the fireball. I think it goes back to the event of crossing the streams and his being linked with Moridin. Nynaeve's healing ability is good, she could fix Rand's eyes from that. She can't fix Rand's problem with his eyes because of the "crossing streams" part and the problem is really with Moridins eyes.
  3. I for some reason thought that all the death at the last battle with Rand, meant that Lews Therin would die inside him and Rand would be just Rand after that. Dunno.
  4. I dont have the book in front of me to check right now but from what I remember (and I definately could not be right on this) it just seemed like the way Nynaeve said it, it seemed like a condition already there. Ok i healed you from the fireball. There is the wound thats bad and your eyes have something wrong with them as well that I am afraid to try and heal. Too bad the books arent online :( Anyone have the passage available?
  5. Thanks for the reply Majsju. At fist I initially thought the same as you, a result of the fireball being there. But that seems like definately something that Nynaeve would be able to heal. I think Rands eye problems are something far more serious. I went digging around for when we first start to see something happening with his vision and it deals with when he and moridin crossed balefire bars, one of saidin and one with the True Power. This being the case, Nynaeve does not appear to know anything about the True Power nor conditions that arrise from Saidin colliding with it. I du
  6. Demandred = Mazrim Taim Be'lal = toasted part of the pattern.
  7. Not sure if this has been discussed, but I was wondering what people think is wrong with Rand's eyes after taking the fireball to the hand from semirhage that nynaeve can't heal.
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