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  1. I think that its cool to know when you read it affects you... Robert isn't that a character from Final Fantasy 10? Auron mabey?
  2. I'd be from the Two Rivers and can channel. I would have went to the tower and known as the person who could make up her mind between Ajahs and become the first person that wasn't an Amerlyn to have more than one Ajah. I would be blue, green and yellow. My weapon of choice would be my warder(s) but when I use one it would be the longbow.
  3. I read New Spring first because a local store had hardback copies of the book for a dollar and I figured if I hated the guys writing it would only be a dollar wasted. I didn't get very far before I knew that I loved the book and found Path Of Daggers cheap and bought it. I knew that I would make it to at least there reading them. Do you guys think I would have gotten more out of the books by reading Eye of the World first?
  4. I'm only 18 so I can relate with all of the "wonder girls." Personally I love all of them. I like Elayne because she has had the courage to stand up to her enemies and claim the Lion Throne. She looses major points though for having Rand and feeling so jealous that Min and Aveindha because it isn't their fault that they love him too! But she has major mood swings that I enjoy cause I seem to be like that to everyone else:P Egwene is great because she seems to be the palm tree on the top of the mountain. She bends with the storm instead of breaking and she is made stronger for it. She never looses hope: when captured by the Seachean she felt she would be escape and now when she is a prisoner in her own home(the tower) she is finding ways to bring everyone together even if she has to disband certain things. Nynaeve I like most of all. I think that her almost forbidden love with Lan is amazingly romantic. I think that it is great that she finds her strength in him.Yes she does have a bit of a big head at time, but I think that everyone does at times. Not only that, she is Aes Sedai now and everyone of them feel that their way is the right way. I think that how well you like the characters is how much of them you see in yourself-- and if they are the characteristics that you enjoy about yourself.
  5. Thank you for the welcome! I've looked at several other fan sites and this one is by far the easiest to find stuff on (good thing for me I can be dense at times)...
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Trisha but you can call me Taterbug or whatever else your heart desires so long as its clean:P I've been reading on the site off and on for months but never signed up. Then, week before last I signed up and didn't get the email to activate and I emailed and got the account manually activated and here I am. I look forward to talking to everyone! I only found this summer and then I got hooked and had to get them all. I've only read them once but I'm going to reread them soon so I can talk about them without seeming ignorant because of the little details I have missed! Trisha
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