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  1. If he were still alive then I would probably agree with you. I think the man himself deserves our respect and gratitude for producing this wonderful series of books! Sadly though, the man himself is no longer with us. All we can do now is pay respect to his memory. And while that's a nice thought, I don't think it weighs very far against the desires of all the fans who are still here, and who would be overjoyed to have the series continue. As for the quality of a continuation, I see no reason to think it would suffer. And even if it did, well, I think many fans (including myself) woul
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'll be honest, I might not be posting a lot - my M.O. is to lurk for a while, register for a board, and then never visit again. I finished the book (and series) a couple of days ago. I'm not going to really write a review except to say that I think had RJ been alive to finish, there probably would have been at least 1 more book in the series. I loved it, but it felt a tiny bit...pruned to within an inch of its life. Still really enjoyed it. I registered because I'm despondent and I'm looking for support. I say that like half jokingly. Maybe a quarter jokingl
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