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  1. Although I honestly haven't been on these forums in about two years, (I quit when I finished the books, don't know why) I missed a lot of the criticism and as an avid fan of fantasy novels in general I found the Sword of Truth serious really enjoyable. Admittadely I haven't gotten around to the eleveenth yet.
  2. The man im most like is Loial The Woman im most like is Min My Oppsoite attracts soul mate is Sevanna My opposites do not attract soul mate is Min
  3. OOC: this is my first ever RP post so if its a little weird and choppy forgive me, i will however gladly accept any pm's with pointers Geldon was wandering the streets of Tar Valon looking for the armory and his mentor "Anwashawn Ellasser" he was called. Ginae, the mistress of trainees sent him on this search to find his mentor. He had waited so long for this moment, to begin his training to become a warder. He had finally found the armory in the warder yard itself, which would have been nice to know in the first place, after about an hour of searching and Master Thewen pointed him in the direction of a man who appeared to be sweat drenched and working hard on what appeared to be a fine sword.
  4. dashiva used lightning in illian but i dont remember if there was clouds
  5. Im gonna go with spiritual because Min states that she has a vision of him and another man merging and one is going to die. Rand believes it is lews therin soul that will die
  6. I have to go with Alanna she has guts to bond rand without asking
  7. I'm still on my first time throught the books and I'm only on book seven "Crown of Swords"
  8. Hey Hey Hey my name is Josh. Just decided to register here for RP's sake and saw this forum for new people thought i would drop in and say hello see if i can make any friends :D
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