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  1. This is my first re-read. Started with NS at the end of 2010 after finishing ToM. I'm currently about 200 pages into KoD, so I'm a little worried I won't finish in time, but I'm sure I'll power through it. It's not so much that I'm a slow reader, it's just that I'm a busy person and I don't end up with a lot of extra time to put in a few good hours of reading. I have thoroughly enjoyed this though. I started reading the series in 1994, and had the benefit of being able to read the first 5 in a row prior to LoC, and then the waiting game began. I remember how with each subsequent rel
  2. I think one of the questions we should be asking ourselves in regards to this is, "Who, if anyone, is Rand's "Ileyena"? Did he sidestep that thread being respun by The Wheel when he stopped himself from strangling Min in TGS? Or is it impossible to escape that history being repeated, and one of the women closest to him is going to die. I'm inclined to think he overcame that fate when stopped himself from strangling Min, but if not, my vote for Ileyena, and this poll, goes to Egwene. I'm not an Egwene hater either, she's actually one of my favorite characters, I just have a feeling
  3. I think Moraine asked to be able to access the True Power. I've had a pet theory for a while now involving the idea of "The three must be as one" We know that Callandor has to be used in a circle by a male and two females, whom everyone seems to pretty much agree will be Rand, Nynaeve, and Moiraine. I don't think that's all there is to "The three must be as one"... I think that it means Saidar/Saidin/The True Power, all three powers must be flowing through Callandor in order for it to be properly used. Nynaeve wielding Saidar, Rand Saidin, and the True Power - Moraine
  4. I think this pretty much nails it. Basically he's a future badass. Not to mention the fact that he beat Snakes and Foxes, which is supposed to be impossible. I wonder if his beating Snakes and Foxes happened almost simultaneously with Mat and Thom rescuing Moraine (seeing as they are not back with The Band yet) I have a feeling he's going to do something pretty essential during the battle for Caemlyn
  5. Tried: Illuminator's Guild Guild of Illuminators Snakes and Foxes Dreadlords Ter'angreal Angreal
  6. What about the possibility the Mat has now overtaken Rand as the most powerful Ta'veren? i.e. The driving force behind the wheel. If you take the Eelfinn's savoring craziness out of the quote it reads "How it twists around him! How it spins! And the gambler becomes the center of all!"
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