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  1. When Gawyn, and then Galad had their shot at Demandred, I really thought that it was a foreshadowing to Mat fighting Demandred with Asherendei (sp?). I though this as it would be a throwback to the time he defeated BOTH of them at once using a quarterstaff. In my head, I could see Mat reaching Dem (using his luck to traverse the army between them) and facing off against Dem (as he also has a foxhead medallion, plus has experience using it). I could then see Mat gaining the upper hand in the fight and the Sharan's stepping in to help, one by one, culminating in Mat fighting off a small army and finishing Demandred. As it stands, the Lan scene was incredible, with Tam assisting his approach and the sword fight that ensued, so I wasn't one bit upset. Did anyone else have this feeling prior to Demandred's demise?
  2. I think I started liking Nynaeve around the time she stopped tugging on her braid
  3. Perrin - Loved. Then Faile came and I despised the chapters involving her and Perrin. AMoL though, Perrin became loved again. Majority of female characters - I found their chapters the most grueling up until BS took over. I think Sanderson does a better job of writing women, giving them more dimensions. On a similar topic, an arc that always made re-reads bog down and crawl to a stop for me is the 'travelling with the circus' arc. I don't know what it is, but I think that it just messes with the pacing too much.
  4. Gah. Burn it to ashes. Thanks very much. I guess I'll have to wait, or develop a Talent.
  5. There was one scene in this book that provided a mental image above all others for me. I've posted this here as some may consider it a MoL spoiler. The scene at Merrilor (I think?) when Rand assembles the massive meeting tent. This scene is written in such a way that I saw it unfold in my mind's eye far more vividly than any scene I have read before. Ideally, I want to see this scene play out in real time, in a movie (the series is just too big for this to be realistic though, I think), so instead I would LOVE to see an image of this. If I could draw, I'd be doing this myself right now, but I am terrible with a pencil. So, can anyone recommend a place that something like this may be available?
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