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  1. I'm surprised no one has made this obvious connection between WOT and pirates before! Here is an interesting note... Fact: Mat is completely obsessed with gambling and especially dicing... Fact: Pirates pass a great deal of their free time gambling, game of choice... DICE!!!! Coincidence? I think not! BTW I concure about Pirate-Ninjas, none of these mutant abominations may be tolerated to exsist! I propose we do to them as we've have planned to do to Orlando should he attempt to join WOT!!!!! They are a Blight on this world and must be eliminated with extreme prejudice!
  2. yeah, i highly recomend the anne rice books. Interview with a vampire and vampire lestat are my favorite but they are all good and no corny romance. also dracula is a must for any vampire fan. but another great one is I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. it's an amazingly well written post apocalyptic vampire book. It's actually very different from the two movies...
  3. the first time i was reading the seris i thought that it would be perfect to have 13 books, the number is so intregual to the series! when i first heard that this was his last book i freaked... only 12! then i realized, the prequel, new spring, it fits, thirteen books total. has RJ said if this was intended or am i just parinoid?
  4. shun the non-believers, shhhhhhhhhhhun, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  5. in shadow rising, when the white tower is being over thrown, siuan doesn't notice the shielding of leane because she is otherwise busy and its the white tower, the problem is the when aldric, her warder, DIES, she doesn't even notice it. i am wondering other peoples opinions and insight because i am really confused. Thank you. (ps its on page 767)
  6. Pg 126, Shadow Rising,(paperback)
  7. also i thougt it strange that thom and moraine barely notice each other untill she leaves, then suddenly they are "old friends".
  8. ba'alzamon/moridin/ishy. i mean come on, he is a pimp! especially when he has those soul traps. Ps. i am worried about any guy who picks Aran' gar
  9. alright, this thread is based on the quote from shadow rising. "i could wager i know the face of the man i will marry better than either of you knows that of your future husband". now i know that right after this she says that thy should not read to much into her words, but that seems an excuse. my question is who is the man. the only one i can think of is Thom, (because of later books) but even that feels like a stretch.
  10. then why is ishy the only one that remembers it?
  11. yeah, by remember i dont mean like mat but remember it took place. he is the only one that really comments on it. also i just realized the reborn evil theory doesn't work, because, wouldn't the dark one reincarnate them with the memories the same way he does in the third age.
  12. it all depends on what the ter angreal blocks, does it block the ability or the soruce, if ablility then no one could channel of any kind in the city and no men of any kind in middle layer. if it blocks ability it may or may not block true source. remember, its not like the true source is new. those who made the ter angreal may have made it with the true source in mind.
  13. If the forsaken are from the age of legends, which we know to be true, then how can ishy remeber fighting the dragon countless times since the beginning of time? he is the only one who mentions it. i dont think any of the other forsaken mention it. ishy remembers is as early as the prologue of tEotW so i dont think it has to do with him being crazy. I can only think the forsaken may be reborn, like the heroes of the ages, and in each age become evil. what do you guys think? also was there a dragon/dark one fight pre-bore?
  14. i still think that its amazing that no one ha mentioned Morraine. She has the biggest claim to the throne of cairhien and she certainly isnt out of the picture just yet. Maybe good old auntie will come in and seperate the to fighting brothers. then take the throne.(thinks fondly back to family reunions). Also, am i the only one who finds all the Aes Sedai Ties to galad ironic, his Sis is one, one half bro can channel the other was training to be a warder. Both real mom and adopted mom's trained by them. Then he joins the one cult that hates all Aes Sedai.
  15. i started reading them when teotw came out in two books. my gandmother got it for me then i got addicted. since then i have read the seris multiple times. i am now 19, and became an english major because of authors like RJ and tolkien.
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