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  1. Thank you for the edit Master Ablar, and thank you for the wecome, BFG. If I recall correctly, there is no way to ressurect the dead using the One Power. It's beyond even the Dark One's ability to do so. He has to capture the soul of the deceased and house it in a living body that has had it's soul removed. I think life is soley the Creator's province. But I may be wrong. I think BS may have screwed up. I feel like saying "that's how RJ wanted it done" is a major copout. If RJ wanted it that way, he could have at least fleshed it out. I don't think he would have intentionally left something so significant that vague. If he did, then it was lazy writing at best.
  2. Damn. I just read the forum rules (I should have done so prior to posting. I apologize.) If the title of this thread is too revealing, could a moderator please edit it? I assumed "Full Spoiler Discussion" meant full disclosure. I don't know if it matters, because anyone who enters this forum is going to have the entire story reduced to a summary. Anyways, I would change it myself, but I apparently do not have that ability. Thank you and sorry again for the oversight.
  3. When Lan and Demandred engaged in the duel, Lan notices that they are encircled by Sharans. He infers that this means Demandred is so confident in his sword fighting ability that he has forbidden his followers to interfere. Demandred's death is confirmed by the perspective of his Sharan girlfriend (or whatever). Then, somehow Lan is still alive, despite being stabbed in the stomach and surrounded by the enemy (some of whom held crossbows, while others were presumably Ayyad.) It seems like that aspect of the plot was seriously overlooked, because Lan would have been killed by Demandred's followers. It's not as if he could have dispatched dozens of crossbowmen by himself, especially wounded. I apologize if this has been mentioned previously, but it would be extremely difficult to search for something as specific as this. What are the thoughts of the community on this?
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