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  1. That first post got me riled up. I WANT THE OLD BITCHES BLOOD!!! KNEEL OR DIE WRETCH! Lol, Ya.. Rand does have to put up with quite a lot of shit from his friends... but you have to remember.. The bastard has 3 wives! That = a 4 some!!!! Most guys only dream of a 3 some!!! I plan on having this as well. I'm actually saving up the money as you read this. Then, I'll have one thing less to do on my "Things to do before you die" list. Hopefully I'll complete everything. Although, I think it will be hard to have sex while sky diving...sky diving naked... :oops:
  2. I guess "near future" is relative. At the moment they can't reattach the spinal cord, I already said that. I'm saying that repairing the spinal cord is currently under heavy research, and could very well be possible. All they really have proven right now is that they can keep a severed head (monkey) alive. I specifically put that "regligious stab" in there for a reason, and not the one you're probably thinking of. Crazy talk? Not as crazy as you might believe. Besides, in 1903 they said powered flight would not be possible for a million years right? There's some heated discussion on this very subject going lol. RJ is badass, look at his current levels (2.7 I think). I'm just saying, what would you not do to save someone you care about? This is a viable scientific topic that could save a lot of people if it could be perfected. Please, lets try not to turn this into a flame war. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9401832/
  3. I'm talking about using the body of a brain dead person. AKA, they are clinically dead, but their body is kept alive by machines. All the body would need is a functioning head to start working again. If you could successfully match blood type and such, not to mention repair the spinal cord, I'd imagine it would be very possible. If the research does not get bogged down by religious fanatics, they could probably have this in the near future.
  4. http://www.filecabi.net/video/monkey-headtransplant.html I'm serrious... If the body is screwing up why should doctors not be able to remove the heads of brain dead patients and put on healthy heads of people who's brains are still perfect. Wasting a perfectly good body to me seems unethical. The only problem seems to be in severing the spinal cord, which is on the way to being repaired with current research anyway. I'd rather be a quadrapalegic(sp?) than dead... that's for sure. Especially when I'd only have to wait a decade or two for them to finish the technology to give me control of my body.
  5. I love how much time people spend trying to figure out these books... I like to speculate on theories, but I don't spend days going over them. RobertAlexWillis... You know that WOT is a story right? A good story for sure, but a story none the less. Not exactly a work to do a thesis on unless you like wasted time. [EDIT] Especially when the book will be released in a year or two. (RJ will get well enough, and live on to write more than just the main series I think.)
  6. I agree with that. I've always pictured her as having this type of skin color:
  7. I always read through it how it was meant to be read through when I am first reading a book. However, I find that with some series (especially WOT) I like to skip through entire books following one POV (After I've already read them of course) You notice a few things that you would not have otherwise, and it's much more enjoyable for me. By the time I finish with one POV, I'm ready to read another POV.
  8. If anyone has not said this yet, I just owned the pick for Cadsuane Judi Dench (The elemental on Chronicles of Riddick)
  9. Someone's been channeling with the taint a little too long... http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/650/thevoicesrn4km9.jpg
  10. I can't seem to recall, but how dark is Tuon? African dark? (our world) I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but it helps me to imagine people in the book if I can relate how they look from their description to a race in our real world. I seem to remember there being people as dark as the Athan Miere (african dark) except they had blue eyes. For some reason, I just cant put an image to Tuon's face. Thanks for any info.
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