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  1. Thread resurrection there! I voted for Lan. He, Thom and Mat are my favourite characters- Mat for his humour, Thom for having a good backstory, Lan for being awesome, and also for showing kindness to the Two Rivers characters in books 3-4. Special mention goes to Ingtar Shinowa.
  2. I like this topic- it's one that I thought about quite recently. On addiction: I think this is certainly a factor. On regulation: We have seen how strict the Tower is- think Moiraine taking pretty much everything in Rhuidean. She's supposed to be one of the laxer ones. On 'attunement': I like the idea of this, but there sadly isn't really much evidence in writing for it. On custom: One of the series' themes is how customs have changed or been misunderstood over time. I think that the use of (sa)angreal in the AoL would have been jealously guarded- a parallel to nuclear technology today- and this has seeped into the present, with, as someone said earlier, the tool of precisely the right strength being used. Please carry on! So far I've agreed with everything people have posted here!
  3. mad, fat Darkfriend peddler* who... *stereotype not intended
  4. @szilard Good post. I understand why it doesn't financially or editorially make sense, but I can still express my opinion. (I don't mean to be confrontational; I can't think of a better way to phrase that point without writing an essay.) Still, I would like to know how much was done before Brandon took over. I don't think it would be damaging to publish the parts that are solely Jordan's. If they are many, then it shows that we did indeed read what was mostly Jordan's vision. If they are fewer, then it shows how well Brandon did do to finish the series for a number of (myself included) uncompromising fans. Even so, I would find it interesting just to know, were it only in an interview. If it has already, then I would be grateful if someone posted a link to it here. In the end, the series will remain a masterpiece in my mind.
  5. The ones who aren't can always enter in the flesh- I believe I am right in saying that it is only a weave that allows it to happen.
  6. I totally agree. I think that the only reason that there are so many criticisms of Sanderson is that the series began in the early 90s. People have been with the series so long that they might as well have done a PhD in WoT! They've reread the Jordan books so often that anything else feels wrong. That's fine- I'm sure Robert Jordan has similar feelings. By contrast, my first read-through took me all the way up to tGS, and though I noticed the extra name on the cover, I didn't really feel that the tone jarred for any character bar Mat- and even Sanderson admits his Mat in tGS was awful. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series, and am grateful that it is finished.
  7. As far as I know the event is only referenced in that chapter of the fourth book. It illustrated how Rand could draw heat in but saidar user can't without injury.
  8. I agree that the tone jarred, and the pace felt rushed, and the battle would have been Jordan's masterpiece, but we ought to remember that we do actually have an ending now. Thanks to Sanderson, we now know what Jordan intended (whether Egwene finished the book or not). I won't criticise Sanderson too much unless I knew exactly what he had to work with before starting the final book- three books. Now there's a thought. Instead of three books doomed to be complained about until the Last Battle itself, we could have had Jordan's story in notes and some incomplete scenes, perhaps with extra comments by Harriet and others who actually KNEW the original author. That was my main problem with Sanderson. I'd rather pay for 10 per cent of a book with at least an outline of the plot than what I did pay for after years of waiting.
  9. Logain's arc- absolutely brilliant. The chapter 'Those Who Fight'- best and most moving for me. Lan reciting poetry. Olver blowing the horn, but only since I predicted it.
  10. It's too hard! I've given up and instead just put the books in tiers. 1. tSR, tFoH, LoC- The start of the series proper- major changes for Rand, Mat and Perrin. Band of the Red Hand. Dumai's Wells. 2. tDR, tGH- Ingtar was a great character. Rand faces his destiny. Mat's luck begins. 3. tEotW, aMoL- First and last books will always be special. Lan gets a happy ending. 4. tGS, ToM- A refreshing change with Brandon. Finally gets some plot elements resolved. (That's you, Byar!) 5. aCoS, WH, KoD- Mat scenes the saving grace of slow plot movement. 6. tPoD- No Mat. Could really have been split between books 7 and 9. 7. CoT- Again Mat the only saving grace.
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