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  1. Great thanks for the welcome from both of you. Also I'll check the mistborn series.
  2. Hi All, Just want to start by saying I'm glad this forum exists. I've loved reading the different threads here for awhile now. I've been reading the WoT since I was about 14. I was a long time LotR's fan and when I got into WoT I was blown away. By FAR the best novels i've ever read. I look the amount of depth in the books. So many developed characters, lands, peoples, cultures and some very creative ideas. RJ is truly an amazing author (BS is pretty good as well). Since I started I've recommended the book to many family and friends who have since read the books and loved them. Now almost
  3. Off-Topis as well: I definitely think WoT should be made into movies or at the very least a TV show (a tv show is more likely to happen in my opinion but I favour a movie). I think it can be done in 5-6 movie. At this time you probably think I'm crazy because how can 15 books be turned into 5-6 movies? One of the amazing things about WoT is that Robert Jordan loved to be very very descriptive and so much of the book is just what people are thinking or analyzing about different situations. Chapters will go by in the book that can be done in a movie in only a couple minutes. While the creato
  4. 100% agree with this. That was a pretty sweet part. Also regarding Dumai's wells I also liked how Rand finally worked together with the "Lews Therin" voice in his head to break the Aes Sedai shields Since the parts I like are in different books and I cant remember which book exactly I'll say my favourite parts. Favourite part is different for each character. My favourite part regarding Matt was once he started the Band and his escape from the seachan. My favourite part with Rand was once his madness was gone and he started remembering more and more from the AoL (especially when he tells
  5. I personally thought both bela and hopper were going to be attached to the horn of valere as hero. ** disappointed they didn't As as a side note, after seeing the suggestion that Rand should have ridden off on bela at the end is amazing. I think if he would have been riding bela and then Matt and Perrin then joined him would have been an epic closing.
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