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  1. Lews Therin Lan Borderland saying A friend of mine
  2. ...Yey... I must have the mostly used name on this place... BUT I've used it a lot of other places; does that help...??? No one used it when I entered a Star Wars forum some 2 years ago...:)
  3. Maybe I will.:) The only question is this: what does those orgs do...??? Me myself, I got no idea...
  4. Now that I read this stuff I understand a bit of it.... But why is it that Lews Therin want Taim dead??? There are something about Taim; and I believe that RJ is the only one who knows what yet...
  5. Thanks for the welcomes!!! And to what I want to know... Everything, actually...:D
  6. Sometimes I actually believes Taim to be Demandred. If that is right, then it would explain why Lews Therin want him dead all the time. If tha is the truth, then Taim didn't go over to the Dark, he already was there... Just a thought...
  7. To all you here at dragonmount; I say hello... The name's rand (as you might have guessed...), and I believe that I could need some help around here... I hope to hear from someone soon...:)
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