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  1. It happens to more than just Taim. I think it was RJ's writing style. When the lower tiered character is needed for the plot, he/she is pretty much a bad ass. Then he/she falls to near irrelevance once the major reason for that character being around is resolved. That character will get a random mention here and there, but nothing like earlier. To me, it happened to almost everyone that wasn't Rand, Perrin, and Mat. Just look at the posts for various characters regarding the lack of closure or lack of relevance at the end. At least Talmanes got to be a badass in AMOL. I suppose that style could be related to the Pattern and the way it looks at people which is amusing. I definitely had a speciallove for Taim caue 1) LOC Taim is just the kind of character I love and 2) Even from EOWT (or at least TDR) I wanted to be a male channeler, so, as the founder of the BT, I had to love Taim.
  2. I assumed that his whole "I am a badass" shtick was cause he had already been promised the world by Demandred, plus that explains why he did't go mad, though you could say there might be evidence for his "force of will defeats the Taint" argument, and it would explain the change in his character. I agree AMOL Taim is a chump, that really ticked me off. I also agree with Master Ablar's sig. That's certainly why I wanted to be an Asha'mann, I don't care whether there's a Taint or not, if I get transported to Randland I better be a channeler.
  3. So, am I the only one who felt that there's a maajor difference between Taim and M'Hael? I loved Taim, but when he became M'Hael it felt like he went from Magnificent Bastard to just ordinary bastard. Perhaps in large part this is due to the fact that the personality traits that made him such a Magnificent Bastard were cheapened if they were jjust the result of him being a Darkfriend. The thing that I found so appealing about him was that here was a man with such utter swaggering self-confidence that he was able to holdthe Taint back by pure force of personality. Though they tried to replace him with Logain, Logain just doesn't have the falir that Taim does. He's an interesting character, as is Androl, but Logain rules by fear, and Androl by the respect of the troops, Taim rules simply by th force of his self-posession. He radiates a sense of "I am the $#%@ and I know it" to such a degree that no one can deny it. He can hold his own with the REAL Dragon by that alone. It does make perfect sense that he is a Darkfriend, and is necessary for the unification of the Towers, but still. On a side note, since I have Pandora on in the background, I get a very AC?DC vibe from Taim in some ways. If nothing else I can definitely see Taim saying "If you're gonna blow me, do it right." :)
  4. I agree with what Patrick said, just chiming in to say that there is precedent for this throughout real world mystical tradition (both the "world is a dream" part and the gnostic awakening/changing reality part) so, if you're interested, look up gnosticism or maybe Chaos Magic (but especially gnosticism.)
  5. Soo, this isn't about AMOL but I thought I'd best put ti here to be safe, that way people could feel free to put spoilers in their replies, as the answer to the question may well require reference to AMOL. So, what does it mean that the Dragon's Fang showed up in the stained glass window in Tel'aihranrhiod in TOM? I've only got one theory, and it's a very thin one. Maybe it was reflecting the future. The problem with that, of course, is that the Towers don't unite, which leads you to think "possible future." This is kind of born out by how TARR works, especially towards the end of the series. Another potential problem is that ther Wise ONes didn't know what it was and I would think if this is the reason then it would've happened before and if so they would know about it. Perhaps I'm misremembering and Egwene doesn't even tell them. And then, of course, there's Egwene's theory that it is a reflection of a parallel world but there seems to be less evidence for that than the previous theory. Usually when I have a question like this there's an obvious answer I've missed so I expect that's the case here.
  6. So, people have made a big deal out of the Asian influences in WOT and that's fair enough, as RJ admitted them, but, as far as I know, no one's mentioned the obvious Norse influence. You've got Mat, who is obviously Odin for various reasons which I wonh't expound on here, you've got Rand al'Thor (obviously) though that, and being a guy who fights evil are about the only similarities between Rand and Thor, and you've got Ragnarok of course. Plus, the Dark One's method of touching the world, at least initially; extremes of heat and cold, seems reminiscent of Muspellheim and Nifilheim. Finally, the Pattern itself could be interpreted as similar to Wyrd, depending on your interpretation of Wyrd, though, of course, RJ has said it was based on an Asian concept. That's all I've found so far. Also Tamlin is, of course a character from Celtic myth, and there's the obvious nod and wink stuff like the mention of Gilgame in TOM. Anything I've missed?
  7. Well, if this is post-Black Tower I would go there. I've always had a preoccupation with martyrdom and wanting to make my death mean something, even IRL. If this si pre-Black Tower go spit in Sightblinder's eye. Byy the way, why would Cadsuane finding you make you live longer? She still gentles people right? I remember her doing it outside the Tower (I think) and getting in trouble for it, but where did you get this idea from.
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