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  1. I'm afraid WoT will never be made into films, its just to long! One page of script is roughly equal to one minute of screen time. Using the Fellowship of the Ring as an example: the final script was 118 pages long, whilst the film time was 228 minutes! Thats a pretty staggering increase on the script to screentime ratio, I should imagine it would be even greater for WoT. I mean I would love to see the series in film medium, but I'm fraid no one will take the project on let alone get funding for it!
  2. Persoanlly I would like everything to happen the same except.......Lan actually dies! I think it would bring full circle what he taught Rand on that tower in Fal Dara, the whole sheathing the sword concept. Because lets face it, we read the entire books knowing Lan would die....then when he survives its abit like buhhh? "There will come a time when you must achieve a goal at all costs. It may come in attack or in defense. And the only way will be to allow the sword to be sheathed in your own body.... when the price is worth the gain, and there is no other choice left to you. That is called Sheathing the Sword. Remember it." -LM I think defeating one of the Forsaken gravitates enough to this.
  3. I thought that also Ian! would have been a fitting ironey!
  4. I will add the social groups to my list of places to visit aswell then......the Black Tower has already allured me! Thanks for the warm welcome. And I don't mind being called Trev!
  5. The saddest death by far! I was reading....hoping that Olver would perhaps mention her at some point to Matt, who would have told Tam and there would of been a tender moment for his beloved Bela :(
  6. Long time WoT fan, recently finished aMoL, looking for a place to discuss the books with like minded free thinkers......and I think I found it here at DM! Howdy!
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