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  1. I thought Rand was just using his ta'veren state to manipulate the world around him to counter the blight the Dark One creates as He's arising from His prison. Rand, the Dragon, just brings balance so that the Pattern does not unravel under the "only-evil" pressure the Dark One applies on the world. When Mat asks him whether he's singing and says he recognizes the tune of a common song, Rand just tells him to be quiet for he just wants to trick Fortuona into thinking he CAN Sing, like the Ogier, while he's just using his ta'veren "ability".
  2. I hardly see how the Creator could be Good and Evil, since He consciously imprisoned the Dark One for being pure Evil. He is just the Balance that allows the Pattern to weave following His schemes. Balance is beyond the mere human view of things as being bad or being good. Plus, every human is good and evil made flesh. No one is just good, or just evil (perhaps safe for Padan Fain...), since Rand showed when fighting the DO that a world ruled only by the Light will be as terrible as one only ruled by the Shadow (their versions of good and evil). Humans need their own free will, the right to a choice, to be tempted, would it be as much a curse as a blessing. However, I REALLY like your own interpretation of the ending, albeit maybe a tad too extravagant !
  3. Oh, my bad, then ! I was certain once he recovered all his memories from being Lews Therin, he recovered the ones of all his precedents lives but yeah, hundred years is quite something !
  4. But when Rand, aka Dragon Reborn, sealed the DO once again, he was something more, he was ta'veren, he was the most powerful channeler of this Age, he was Lews Therin Telamon and all of his precedent lives so that he indeed reached for the purest form of Power, the True Source where somehow all the Five Powers mengled to become the Light So, because he was something more, he could achieve the channel or manipulate or have access to something that was more than the original Powers : Light.
  5. Well, that's what I figured as well ! Rand, when outside the Pattern, saw all his friends being in grave danger and he desperately wanted to help them, but then Egwene - dead already unfortunately and I personally hate Jordan for her death - stopped him doing so. But, yeah he rescued Lan somehow..
  6. I talked about it with a friend of mine, and he thought that Rand, since he has known the world with the point of view of the Creator, since he has seen the threads of the Pattern and manipulated them, then he gained over them a certain kind of power, which joins pretty much your idea, Agitel. This, or else he has gone mad because the body of Moridin had been soiled with True Power as the presence of saa witnessed but that seems too much.
  7. Prophecies have however proved themselves to have deeper meanings. The mere fact of concealing one's weaves, should it be with saidin or saidar, does not make one as being able to fulfill such a sentence. You're making me doubt, yet...
  8. Then, what of this "weaving without weaves", because Demandred was obviously weaving the One Power during the Last Battle, with the assistance of a full circle of 72... But, if Robert Jordan wished to let this remain a mystery then so be it, I guess... We shall be free to multiply theories upon theories..!
  9. Some would argue that it is the beauty of the thing, that we are now free to make our spirits wander here and there, let our imagination figure this out the way we want it to, but NO. It is admittedly a pleasure to imagine all sorts of solutions, to ponder theories after theories but at some point, it just gets frustrating. Like, really. I see no other way to go out of this but insanity...! This particular point is outraging !
  10. I totally get that point of yours, but I however cannot drag myself into accepting it. I mean, Rand, as almighty as he'd be, is not the Creator and thus should not be able to touch the Pattern. When he fought the DO, he was indeed OUTSIDE the Pattern and could then manipulate the threads themselves for he imagine them as such. Nevertheless, once he reintegrated the world and then was a part of the Pattern, I do not think he'd be able to manipulate It anymore. Saying otherwise could lead to the maddest ideas, he could manipulate the livings as well as the dead ones. But, hey, I guess you are right, we will probably never know. I wish Robert Jordan had left a note, anything that could have helped in any fashion. The Sharan prophecies seem to be the answer, with this "weaving without weaves" thing...!
  11. Channeling the True Source as a whole would be convenient, but I cannot help but think that cannot be. I mean, the True Source is clearly made of two opposite yet complementary forces known as saidar and saidin, male and female. I hardly see how he could have shattered such a principle that ruled the world for so many Ages. As for shaping the Pattern as he wills, it is but a heresy, somehow, aha. Rand is not the Creator although as he fought the Dark One he created worlds from what he wished the world to be. Also it is really tempting to believe so, I really do not think it'd be the answer. Furthermore, it would be odd as well to think of the world as a dream, as the Aiel do because then Tel'aran'rhiod would be a dream within a dream ? Nothing would be real, that is to say and thus, nothing would truly matter. The Sharan prophecies seem way more accurate indeed, for "weaving without weaves" is exactly what Rand did and although it helps a bit to understand, it does not give a full answer, unfortunately as for HOW exactly one "{weaves} without weaves". And there, your idea of molding the Pattern itself appears plausible yet mad. Thanks a lot for all these clues, though, Agitel ! Yes, Mangecoeur translates into "Heart Eater" (: And, patrick5988... Perhaps you should reread AMoL, at least the end.
  12. First of all, I would very much like you to be a tad bit merciful towards my grammar and spelling since I am not a native speaker. Then, let's get to the heart of the matter which I assume has already been discussed on, but I could not find it in the Forum. I suspect all of you have already finished AMoL, not to say devoured it from beginning 'til the very end of it, and found yourselves horribly frustrated with the end Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson chose. So, here's my question : Rand, whose soul has been reincarnated - or transfered - into Moridin's body, appears to not be able to channel anymore. When he seeks One Power and then True Power to light his pipe, he finds but nothing within the void. However, it is written that "He inspected it for a moment in the darkness, then thought of the pipe being lit. And it was." And there we are. Either my understanding of all of the nuances of the English language deceives in the most awkward fashion, either I understood it quite well and thus I am pondering : Rand THOUGHT his pipe being lit ! Has he found another source of Power ? Is it possible that somewhere in the Pattern lies another source of Power ? After all, when Lanfear used to be Mierin release accidentally the Dark One, she and a group of researchers of the Collam Daan were looking for something that women and men could use regardless of their gender, a force else than saidin and saidar. Admittedly, they find the True Power which can be used regardless of the gender for it is but the Lords of the Grave's very essence, but since it existed another source, why can't there be others ? I hope I made myself clear enough and if it has already been brought up, please be kind enough as to redirect me to the topic ! May you always find water and shade, Mangecoeur.
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