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  1. Just finished (I too started the series too late) overall: best books ever yadda yadda yadda disappointment: Fains quick vanquish. I do see how we already had a lot of focus on matt, and if he had a drawn out battle with fain it could have made him over shadow poor-ole' perrin. My predictions that turned out wrong: 1 I thought rand would "turn" at least one of the forsaken. Maybe Elan Morin Tedronai (Ishamael, moridin) because of their wierd bond. Or lanfear, since she hinted at not obeying the dark one right through the series. Or even demandred, who sometimes seemed like he wanted to make the world in a positive way. I was hoping that while the dark one was showing Rand how he would re-make the world, without maintaining his promisses to the forsaken, Rand might have somehow projected this conversation over the fields of merrilor. Demandred might have seen this and then WHOA look out dark one, rand now has forsaken on his side! (thats how I saw him winning) 2 My alternate theory was that rand was going to destroy the one power outright - combining the two halves of the one source with the dark ones true source may cancel them out (dark-matter style) and thus defeat the dark one... WAMMIE.
  2. Also I think it adds realism to have characters like morgase, who have somewhat prominent roles at certain times, then fade away. Not all characters can become indefinetly more integral. Well, I guess it could, if brandon wanted to write twenty or thirty more books...
  3. It would be fun to know, for us super-fans. but few of those would have contributed to the book. I will say that I REEEEAAAALLY expected to see hopper with the "wolf heros" that came when the horn sounded at shayol ghul. Im going to go ahead and splice that in to my memory of the book. haha
  4. We dont actually confirm belas death, she takes an arrow and goes down... I think Tam finds her while searching Merrilor for survivors. I guess Brandon just forgot to mention it...
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