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  1. I thought it was established in ToM that if Perrin was ever to become king of Saldea that Tam would become lord of the two rivers. I thought that was a stipulation that Elayne set.
  2. I agree with Rhienne that she almost had the perfect amount of spotlight. A part of me wishes she had more but she fit the "supporting" charcter role better than any character ever has. I also wish I knew all of the letters!
  3. So many threads have these I thought we should start one too. For those of you who dont know what to do you post something random following the person who posted before you but it can be 5 words no more and no less. Ill begin. Mat was walking in Caemlyn...
  4. I think Nynaeves arc was already carried out very well in the frst 13 books and now she just needed t finish her role. and her arc dealt with Egwene and Rand dieing because all she ever wanted to do was protect them
  5. I think the old friend would have not been Mat but the seanchan general in KoD. I think the name was Tylee not positive though
  6. That would explain the pip lighting since Bela is the creator in disguise
  7. I was wondering if any knew if the AMoL will ever be released as RJ intended. Im sure with some edits by BS it would flow really well and will probably help out in the timeline with ToM. What do you all think?
  8. This really was a tough vote for me because all three were great in their own aspects. The Gathering Storm was extremely well written (one of the best ever in my opinion) and really did a great job with the emotional scenes, Verin, Min and Tam in particular. Cadsuane was also really well written. ToM well suffering from a messed up timeline really built the pressure and weight of the Last Battle, rescuing Moiraine was true greatness. In AMoL one of the things that really struck me was how well BS wrote Rand and Egwenes chemistry and I wished they were together more often just for more of it, to me those scenes helped capture what helped make the first 6 so good the way characters reacted with each other. I thought the last battle was amazing despite a few flaws and I think the ending could have been maybe 5 pages longer with the characters but I was happy for the most part. Overall BS did a truly great job with this series!
  9. I have a question about the male a'dam. since ina normal female one the sul'dam also has to be able to channel wouldnt the oe controling a man have to be able to channel saidan?
  10. Huh. I didn't catch that that was what Rand was doing when I read it. But as I think back, I think you may be right. And I did have the impression that Lan had received a mortal wound from Demandred, so I was very surprised that he survived. I need to re-read that section -- it looks like I missed the significance of what Rand did (or may have done) for Lan. Didn't Rand himself Sheath the Sword and survive in tGH? It isn't necessarily a fatal move. I don't remember, but that certainly may be correct. I need to re-read the part about Lan's wound and his survival in AMoL. I just remember being a bit confused as to how he survived, as if maybe I had missed something somewhere in the text. He did survive but only because Lanfear healed him. If she hadnt he would have died, also Lan says himself in TGH that you sheath the sword only when you know youve been beat to also take the life of your advisary. It is a death wish
  11. I thought it would have been awesome if when Rand went to steal a horse at the end he saw Bela there he took her instead
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