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  1. They all look amazing, especially Mat’s Ashandarei. I would have opted for Mah’alleinir instead of the marriage knife though.
  2. To me it wasn't really that he missed the funeral-it was more that he didn't visit Rand while he was "dying". I have to think that he did and we just didn't see it.
  3. I just finished MoL a couple of days ago and all I can say is Wow. I've said to a few people that the Wheel of Time is my favorite thing, including all books, tv shows and movies, ever and that statement still holds true. That being said, I'm both happy and sad that it's over and couldn't think of a better place to come share my thoughts. I want to officially thank Robert Jordan for creating such an amazing world and introducing us to Rand, Mat and Perrin. I also want to thank Brandon Sanderson for seeing them through to the end so well. Best. Story. Ever.
  4. With my first post ever on DM, I'm going to change the topic. :) I just finished MoL a couple of days ago and loved it. Mat was always one of my favorite characters and I absolutely loved the "one-up" exchange between him and Rand. It actually made me chuckle out loud like a weirdo on the subway when I read it. What I didn't like however (and I didn't notice this until after I finished the book) was that we never heard of Mat going to visit Rand on his "death bed". This really doesn't sit well with me and should have been given a quick line or two in Mat's final pages. I'm going to tell myself it happened regardless but I feel this omission was a big oversight that damages such a great character.
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