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  1. I hate Egwene up until she becomes an apprentice to the Aiel Dreamwalkers, even though I definitely felt for her when she was collared. After being humbled, she begins to become cool.. Then she gets better as she takes control of the Salidar faction, though that plotline dragged on FOREVER.. But she captured my favorite scene in the entire series by FAR, when she wrecked sh*t in the White Tower as the Seanchan were attacking. Ha.. That scene fires me the hell up every time I read it. I mean, for real.. fires me up for HOURS.
  2. Good thing you cleared that comment up about Egwene being 'quiet'.. Ha.. Yea. Even in the beginning, she was only quiet as long as you didn't happen to be a dude. Psychology, philosophy, mythology.. You into EFT and LOA and things like that as well?
  3. Nice read.. Jason sounds like cool people. Thanks for puttin in the work man. I wish you the best on those future endeavors.
  4. Happy Birthday yo.. And thanks for sticking around through all the bad times.
  5. Outstanding! Ha.. I'm one of those cats that refuses to open a Facebook or a Twitter account, but it's good to see that Wheel of Time fans will have instant alerts to all of the important activity in the community. Nice. We are lucky to have Jennifer putting in all of this work for us.
  6. Wow.. Seeing this drive dedicated in memory to a WoT fan that passed away only a year or so before the completion of the series fills me with sadness and nostalgia.. Glad cats are putting their influence and resources to charitable use.
  7. I recognize the talent, but I don't dig the style. Kind of disappointing.. I'd like to see a WoT license given to Boris Vallejo or his wife Julie Bell... When it comes to 'official' art for franchises I'm passionate about, ultra realistic fantasy is what I would prefer.
  8. YES!! YES!! YES!!! Jennifer, you FAQing ROCK!! Ha.. Can't wait to get some free time so I can dive in properly. It was amazing how much shit that I had discovered I missed from the books when I first read a version of this FAQ back in 98. Thanks for the work and the update.
  9. Dallas.. but not Houston.. again. Man, what a disappointment. After his work on The Gathering Storm, I was definitely hoping he would make it further south. A six hour one-way drive on a Thursday. Ha.. Maybe he'll make it through for the final book.
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