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  1. does it matter if they are outnumbered if 10 Ashanman can take out 100,000 trollocks?
  2. I just don't think it would make sense to have Mat's dragons/crossbows fight in the same battle w/ people w/ the OP. Especially after you consider what happened in KoD with the Trolloc attack. It would be like get the dragons ready, Trollocs are coming...*all the trollocs are killed by pillars of death etc.* nevermind...*disappointidly* nevermind, i guess were done here. I'm a big fan of the theory that there will be multiple battles, ashman bonded w/ aes sedia at some battles, (probly travle to SG) everywhere else, more traditional fighting with one huge battle commanded by Mat. Maybe a battle at Tarwons Gap, battles at the ways, whatever, but it would just not make sense for there to be one big battle, it wouldn't work out right.
  3. I don't have the books with me, but im pretty sure theres some scene where Mats wondering where to go when hes about to leave Rand after Ruhidean and hes not sure that he wants to go home because to him, its not really home anymore with his new memories and gaps in his old ones. Also if you compare Mat to Perrin or Rand, they would both love to retire and become edmonds fielder again. Perrin wants to lay down the axe, pick up the hammer and Rand is just sick of all the pressure being put on him. Can't you see Perrin giving up his new life after TD and settling down somewhere? THe same for Rand. I just can't see that hapenning for Mat, Mat isn't just going to settle down somewhere. I could also see Nyneave moving home again with Lan, i still think she dislikes kinda dislikes being an Aes Sedia, she has yet to get involved in the tower politics unlike Elayne and Egwene.
  4. I love all Mat's random flashbacks like the one where people were singing some song about an old battle and Mat's just like thats not how the battle went, i remember, i remember fighting a trolloc waste deep in a river with two arrows in my chest. Or with Tuon in KoD where Tuon asks them where they were in the ruins and Mat just gets queasy when he remebers dieing. I wanted him to tell her what he remmebered to impress her, be like over there was a palace, orver there i danced, over there i died.
  5. I think it'll be Mat and Tuon trying to re unify Seanchan. Mat was born to be a general, where is a general without a battle? I don't think it'll be a big deal for Mat to leave home. I think he had some line when he got his memories that he didn't care as much about his family because he has memories of so many famalies or something like that. Also, isn't Mat the only one who hasn't returned to Edmonds field? I mean even Rand stopped by once to drop off someone but didn't talk to anyone while there.
  6. you can't make a WOT movie, its too long. A rule of thumb is that each page of a book/screen play is about 1 minute long. 800 page book>>800 minutes, and thats just the eye of the world.
  7. Imo, the book was horrible on so many levels. I would never dream of seeing a movie based on it if they said it was good.
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