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  1. A 100 damane and 15,000 troops had targeted his position and were moving in. Rand had already ignored some advice and he did so again trying to use callandor which resulted in him slaughtering his own men/a pyhrric victory. The Seanchan did adapt, but right after the section you quoted, the Ever Victorious Army turned back in defeat. I would also say that Rand had poorly defined objectives when he began that campaign, which is why he failed to do more damage. He concentrated on one particular front when he could have taken the fight anywhere within the Empire. That represents a lack of understanding of just how powerful gateways can be. Plus, TG led to the innovations of sky-windows for battle commanders and dumping lava, or cannon fire, or anything that's handy on to your enemy. I would argue that gateways have become far more effective weapons since PoD. Besides, Tuon may not need to wage an all out war for the Crystal Throne. It probably wouldn't be difficult to coopt the resources of a rival simply by assassinating him/her. When it comes to assassinations, only Perrin remains as a more deadly threat than someone who can Travel into your bedroom.
  2. This is one of the points I've been waiting for someone to make. The best example of warfare when only one side has gateways is Rand against the Seanchan at the Illian/Altara border. Granted, it wasn't a pure victory, but he still defeated a force 10 times larger than his own. If you were add in Mat's battle prowess, you would see that the Seanchan mainlanders don't stand a chance. I'm not sure they would stand a chance even if someone consolidated power in Seandar and unified most of the continent. That being said, there's another side to this story that gives the Randlanders an advantage. Damane can't link. That means there are relatively few damane that can provide gateways large enough to transport wagons of supplies. Also, the advantage of linking to create a super-powerful channeler on the battlefield is something the Seanchan cannot match. Unless, of course, they abandon the a'dam. Now, on some battlefields, it is more advantageous for just a few chanellers to link, like the defense they setup around Rand at the cleansing. However, for an offensive strike, the large circle that Demandred was running is the ideal situation. Assuming the chanellers of the 4th Age wrap their heads around the new reality, cooperation between the BT and WT would allow for multiple full 72-member circles that could lay waste to any Seanchan-held city or military outpost. Quite honestly, I think that deterrant will keep the Seanchan from breaking the peace. It would be a Cold War where Randland has the equivalent of ICBMs and the Seanchan only have small tactical nukes. I think that dynamic would lead to a long, if uneasy, peace. After the Seanchan continent is reclaimed, the balance of power would start to shift toward them. Then, I think it's anybody's guess as to what the outcome would be of war with the Randlanders. I suspect by that time the propoganda war between the WT and the Empress will have run its course, and whoever succeeded there will succeed in the war to follow.
  3. Thanks for the perspective from Sanderson. I'm starting to think that, out of the 3 ta'veren, Mat got the raw deal. Perrin becomes far more powerful as a result of TG without sacrificing much of anything. Rand walks away from the whole thing, and you could argue that he sacrificed the ability to channel, but apparently he has something even better than that now. Then there's Mat who gave up an eye (and his friend Noal), plus he has to deal with bloody insane Seanchan for the rest of his life. Maybe the symmetry was never meant to be perfect, but it seems too far askew to even be called symmetry at the end.
  4. Hi all! I'm new to Dragonmount, but I got started on rasfw-rj about 15 years ago. The thing I've been wondering about the most with regard to Perrin is this: Did he damage himself (spiritually or whatever you want to call it) by first entering T'A'R in the flesh via gateway, and then by manifesting the ability to do so whenever he wants? All the Wise One's talk about "It is EVIL" can't be just random superstition, can it? Almost all of the superstitions in WoT turn out to have a basis relevant to their world. Were there other parties (not influenced by Wise Ones) who agreed it was evil? It seems like there were, but I can't remember if they were actually independent or just repeating what they heard. The other relevant point is that the only other entity that had this ability was something that the DO personally crafted into Slayer. That would lend weight to the argument that the ability is associated with evil. No mention was made of anything being wrong with Perrin, but it would improve the symmetry between Mat and Perrin if he were also damaged in some way. Mat loses an eye, and Perrin gains superpowers? It doesn't fit the theme IMO. Everyone had to make sacrifices to win TG, but Perrin's biggest loss was Hopper. That's something, but it doesn't really balance the scales. Any thoughts on what exactly Perrin might have done to himself?
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