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  1. Where did the Ogier come from? I can't remember?
  2. No, there is another force. The creators will, there had to be balance and brandon wrote it in at the very end. Saidin, Saidar, The True Power. and all three merged not in opposition against each other. The power of Creation.
  3. Mats a cheeky horny bugger just like my uncles. unbeleiveable but they are afforded a right of way.
  4. Mat,There are people that do run that certain something.
  5. He couldn't kill the DO because the DO is a part of the creator, his other half dampened down. The theme is biblical so one must look at it through those eye's. In the begining there was nothing but God and blackness, Moridin wanted this blackness, oblivion. He wanted to rest but drag everyone with him.
  6. I would've thought every man or woman would of found their way to Merrillor, It was the last battle, the call would've been instinctive. The Wheel would've compelled everyone to fight.
  7. In many ways it would've been good for Lan to go out in a blaze of glory to Demandred but then that would change the game with Nynaeve. As a kid i trained in a native martial art using something similar to Mat's Ashanderei but it was semi bladed or shaped like a blade on one end. A master generally can wipe out a swordsman very fast. Spinning them around is for performance displays, no, you won't see any spinning or wide open moves that leave you open during a fight. You will see lightning fast hits and something called wrist flicking which doubles the force of a impact hit and double ended moves to impact two opposite places on the body within a second from the first. Combination moves and lightning fast delivery and defense usually has the opponent down in seconds.
  8. Egwene didn't shock me as it just was too out place to have such a young human with instant knowledge base. I thought Mat would've come up with a brilliant plan to eliminate Demandred using Egwene and Logain jumping in out of different gates to distract him while Lan was the first decoy and Mat was the executioner. Mat was the only accomplished fighter that could out match Demandred in experience. If command staff is on the field that is where you strike forcing the game to go into free fall. Egwene's death looks pointless as her monument was lost, it would've been better if Demandred took her life or she sacrificed herself to allow Mat the kill move. It would've been glorious if the other forsaken joined in but alas that is not what was written which doesn't mean it isn't a great ending to a great and one of a kind series, no, it was riveting.
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