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  1. No to automatically turning; Yes to being willing to kill his own Aes Sedai.
  2. Very true. I guess we're talking in an ideal sense - if we were in Randland, were male, found out we had the spark for channelling, and knew what we did now.
  3. It's addictive, but the more you use it and the more proficient you are and the longer you have used it, the worse it is. During the breaking, some male Aes Sedai - some of whom would be of Forsaken-level strength and experience with centuries of use and reliance managed to stay in the steddings for years or decades. Given that, someone who has just sparked, just got to the point where they strongly suspect they are channeling but probably not at will, should be able to survive life in Far Madding cut off from the Source. It might take some will or motivation - but the fact that you will
  4. The problem with that - given the size that the White Tower pretty much has to be to fit all of this in - is that either the rooms in the inner ring would be tiny or the ones in the outer ring would be huge. If we have the rooms in the junior apartments that I hypothesized as the smallest possible, then you can have three per ring. So the outer ring ones would be twice the size of the senior apartments (with the innermost ones being the size of the junior ones - half the size of the senior ones). Each room would vary by a factor of four (area of sixteen times bigger for the big apartment
  5. To follow up to my previous posts (sorry if I'm boring everyone!), I looked into it deeper. Working the logistics had it that it made more sense to have thicker rings at the outside. Essentially as before with seven radial corridors out from a centre, each ring of apartments is 20 feet deep. You can get 6 apartments per Ajah in the outermost ring (Ring 4), 4 apartments per Ajah in the first ring in from the outside one (Ring 3), 3 per Ajah in the next (Ring 2) and 2 per Ajah in the innermost ring (Ring 1), giving 15 apartments per Ajah per level. This leaves some free space in Rings 1 2 an
  6. Okay, taking the above and extending it way past the point of extrapolation and into the realms of invention (but seeing if said invention meets the requirements): Suppose that: - The WT is a circular one with a radius of 150' (plus about a foot or two for exterior load bracing, I suppose). - There are 22 accommodation levels, split into 7 pie-shaped sectors, one per Ajah (Well, less supposition, more a given. This also implies circularity of the WT to me, but that's not firm) Assume concentric corridors of 8' width such that you have: Exterior ring of apartments / corridor / ring o
  7. My previous guess wasn't that bad then. When you say "tens" I have a hard time picturing more than 20, frankly I don't think its even that. If the above claim about TV and capitals is true, it should be closer to 10 or maybe even less. Look at the number of nations and how few "big" cities there are in addition to the capitals. Most capitals are likely to be smaller than Caemlyn but say 300,000 each and there is 500,000 (TV) + 13*300,000) = 4.4 million (this should be exaggerated enough to include independent regions/cities like Falme, Two Rivers etc). Add Mayene and Far Madding at 300,00
  8. Well, if it's 500-600 feet by 300 feet wide, then given 22 levels of Ajah quarters .. hmm. If we have approximately 400 sq feet apartments (10'x10' study, 10'x15' living room, 10'x10' bedroom and a 10'x5' dressing room)and assume 10' wide corridors ... assume corridors have apartments each side and go side of tower - Apartment - corridor - apartment-apartment-corridor - apartment-apartment-corridor and assume a cylindrical tower 300 feet in diameter (I know that the BWB has it as an oblong monolith, but I'd like to think the Ogier went for nice round towers :-) ) Then the radius at th
  9. If I was channeling and couldn't deny it, I'd probably head straight for Far Madding. Hide from the True Source, but remain in a decent city. The issues that the male Aes Sedai had in the stedding probably shouldn't be as bad for me, as I'd not have become as habituated to the presence of the Source (it would probably scare me). I could see forcing myself to stay in being as difficult as heroin withdrawal, but probably achievable - and given the options (life in a stedding, gentling, death in the Blight, death by madness, False Dragonhood followed by gentling or death), it'd be the best of
  10. It was said that there was evidence of him as early as 983 NE (he ordered the death of Jarna Malari, head of the Black Ajah), which is far enough before the rest of the Forsaken escaping the Bore that I'd feel more comfortable having a period of his freedom encompassing at least that date.
  11. Good question. However, the result from projecting back the "today" to Hawkwing cycle back to the Trolloc wars matches so well that it looks very linear at least from 1203 AB to 998 NE. Given that, and that any effect from the seals weakening would hit later rather than sooner, it does look as though it remained linear from start to finish. There is one alternative - I did realize that if we accept that the length of the Breaking is challengable, the 6:1 ratio could fit as well. It also works with 'significant numbers' - it means he's out for one period in every seven, and he is release
  12. Hi - first post. One thing about the books that has been a very mild irritant is the casual reference to "three thousand years" since the sealing of the Bore (ie Aginor and Balthamel have suffered the depradations of time over three thousand years, Ishamael talks about three thousand years since Lews Therin's death, etc). And yes, I know that it's informal "about three millenia" rather than an exact figure - except, it's not. It is: Length of the Breaking (239-344 years) plus 1000 years of the AB calendar until the Trolloc Wars plus about 350 years of Trolloc wars plus 994 years
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