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  1. I am currently on the great hunt on my second run through the series, and a thought occurred to me. The a'dam allows sul'dam to control aes sedai, which often involves using the power as a weapon. However, as I remember, the oath rod makes the oathes binding to the point at which the aes sedai who swears them is physically unable to break them. That being said, it would seem that this inabilty to break the oath not to use the power as a weapon would still be in place on the damane. The only explanation I can come up with are that with the sul'dam controlling the aes sedai, it somehow counts as using it to protect ones life. However, it's been a while since I've read these so I can't remember exactly how the sul'dam channels through the damane or if she is merely controlling her channeling.
  2. I personally like Ishameal/Morridin's whole philosophy thing, but I agree: Rock on, Asmodean.
  3. I agree with the premise that the world without the dark one would be akin to a world without light. At the end where we see Rand resealing the Bore, he uses all three powers, the two sides of the One Power as well as the True power, the dark one's own essence, not to patch the hole, but to rebuild the pattern and eliminate the bore. Thus, as the dark one's essence is a part of the pattern, the absence of the dark one would upset the balance of existence.
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