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  1. His mind was 'poisoned' near the end of his life by Ishamael's lies. Also, he's a Hero, I'm sure that broader access to knowledge of past lives and the workings of the Wheel might change his opinions a bit. Also, not liking channelers is far removed from the institution of slavery Seanchan has. Indeed. Hawkwing had a personnel problem with one Amyrlin but no real issues with AS as a whole. In fact before Ishy showed up they held many positions of power within his kingdom as Governors and advisors. @suttree it seems BS said otherwise INTERVIEW: Feb 20th, 2013 AMOL Signing Report - JaimieKrycho (Paraphrased) QUESTION The [offscreen] conversation between Tuon and Hawkwing, can you tell us anything about that? BRANDON SANDERSON I can tell you that it did take place, and that Hawkwing is more inclined to agree with what's going on in Seanchan than I think what fans expect him to be. Now, remember that Hawking was not fond of Aes Sedai. Part of that was not his fault, but he was not fond of them. He is not just King Arthur, he is Alexander the Great. King Arthur ruled through justice. Artur Hawkwing ruled through justice and ruthlessness. It will certainly be a conversation filled with emotion and passion, but I don't think everyone expecting Hawkwing to take their side is understanding who Artur Hawkwing is.
  2. As I said above I would look for the quote in book. TGS Ch. 35 :-) Thanks Suttree, I can't believe I missed that one.
  3. @suttree, I checked theoryland [ Thanks again for your link there.] and saw those quotes too. Even so, neither of those quotes say that Rand recognized the sword or that he recalled it from Falme.
  4. Where does it say Rand recognized it? Does it say that it was from his own memory?
  5. I have gotten this one mixed up before(switching Laman's sword) but pretty sure it was Artur Hawkwing's sword "Justice". It was found underneath a submerged statue and given to Rand. @Suttree The book only says that it was from someone important, did BS say that it was Justice? Here's the quote : TGS A Force of Light He stood, reaching for the sword which leaned against his clothing chest. The black scabbard, with its lacquered red and gold dragon, sparkled in the light. Such a strange weapon those scholars had found beneath the submerged statue. The sword felt so old. Was Rand wearing it today as a symbol of something? A sign, perhaps, that he was riding to battle?
  6. related to this, prob the same person - who is the glowing person who spoke to Masema, as mentioned in the prologue of TGS? 1. Lanfear hates Rand at that point and desperately wants him dead. However, Moridin won't let her kill him. So I'd see her as the primary suspect there. In AMoL, we see her send Slayer to kill Rand in the pit of doom, so we do see that she was directing slayer some of the time. 2. Moghedien shows us her POV that she was an expert at imitating other forsaken, which some interpret as a hint that it was Moghedien pretending to be Sammael. Moghedien was under the the control of Moridin at that point and would have been afraid of doing something not approved by him, so she hid as Sammael. 3. Graendal had been after Perrin and had numerous plots in Masema's camp going.
  7. Welcome to Dragonmount! Demandred says he recruited Taim, so it was after Demandred's release from the bore, which was well after Taim had become a false dragon. Some have theorized that Taim gave Rand the seal with a tracker in it so Taim would know where Rand was hiding the seals and then Taim stole them back. If that theory is true, then Taim was already a DF by the time he first met Rand.
  8. The people of the AoL and the breaking went through alot of effort to secure what the present age would need. Look at the eye of the world to protect the horn of valere and the dragon banner, and the stone of Tear to protect Callandor, or Rhuidean to protect the columns and perhaps the choedan kal and other items of power. Yet post third age, no effort is made to do the same for the coming generations. Birgitte even tells Olver to toss the Horn away. I understand that new prophecies would not be fitting to be placed in the story, but throwing away the horn?
  9. Here you go... Does this mean that a forsaken has a different or new oath from other darkfriends?[ aren't all darkfriends under oath?]
  10. @suttree Ok, my previous question is answered. But this quote brings up a new question. The Forsaken have total control of shadowspawn as opposed to dreadlords who need to negotiate with them. What is it that makes shadowspawn listen more to the forsaken?
  11. So the severed ties were a filter that was only given recently to the forsaken... @suttree Wow, amazing! So is there any real difference between forsaken and dreadlord other than the title?
  12. check here : http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/78304-post-amol-speculation-discussion-full-spoilers/
  13. Of course there was no need for protection, that is only a byproduct of binding the soul to the DO. I was under the impression that "abandoning the Light" was done through binding the soul to the DO, otherwise all the forsaken are just top level dreadlords and darkfriends.
  14. This also, what i dont get is moghedian is a relativly weak forsaken with the abudnance of channelers in the age of legends wouldnt their have been more powerful forsaken then her. Blah blah blah i know the whole greed exscuse (which makes little sense if he was scared of them betraying him why not just 13x13). Why didnt the DO transmigrate tons of his old lost choson instead of only bringing back a couple of them once rand had killed them. The dark ones power is flawed earlier in the series. @rane008 There are a huge number of souls that can channel, there were far more people living in the AOL than in Rand's time. All those souls can be reborn into new bodies that have been bred. As to your paradox, it could be that only a body with the correct genetics can accept/be attached to a soul that has channeling abilities. Think of it like a heart transplant, the recipient body needs to be able to accept the donated heart. @NitroS I assumed that transmigration has to happen soon after the soul has died for the DO to insert it into a new body, if too long has passed, then the DO can't stick it in a new body. As to Moghedien, she may have been among the weakest surviving forsaken, but all 13 [ including her ] were among the most powerful of the original forsaken. See I can't really buy this. Does this mean there are thousands of souls out there just waiting to be reborn, but they can't because there is the correct genetic sequence? Further, if the percentage of the population that could channel goes up, then do the souls that can't just wait for thousands of years to be reborn? Presumedly there are souls that have been waiting for tens of thousands of years to be reborn because there are either too many or too few with the channeling gene? I guess this is what happens when you try to incorporate science into religion. @rane008 I don't see why every soul has to be in use. There indeed may be many on hold for when they are needed. Indeed those souls can wait for many lifetimes before they are reborn, it isn't like they're going hungry or spoiling while they are not in a body. Besides, even if though there are many more souls than there are living people, it still would mean that over the course of an age, which would include many lifetimes, most, if not all souls would eventually be reborn. If anything, you might ask the question from the other side. If there are a limited number of souls, say 100 million,[ as an example ] what happens if all of them are in use in an age where the total population is above 100 million? Are new souls created? @Sutree You quoted If that is the case, how does it reconcile with what Asmodean told Rand after Rand cut his connection to the DO, that now that he was as susceptible to the taint as any other male. Was it not that connection which protected the forsaken? Thus the leftover forsaken who were not sealed in the bore would have still had the connection, and remained protected? Here's the quote from FoH [Asmodean talking to Rand] As for me, I intend to open my veins the hour I know he is free. If I get the chance. A quick death is better than what I’ll find elsewhere.” He tossed the blankets aside and sat staring glumly at nothing. “Better than going mad, certainly. I’m as subject to that as you, now. You broke the bonds that protected me.” And from KOD Forsaken, the: The name given to thirteen powerful Aes Sedai, men and women both, who went over to the Shadow during the Age of Legends and were trapped in the sealing of the Bore into the Dark One's prison. While it has long been believed that they alone abandoned the Light during the War of the Shadow, in fact others did as well; these thirteen were only the highest-ranking among them. It would follow that the others should also have been protected.
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