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  1. Why do you think the general population(heck even AS for that matter) would have any idea what Moridin looks like? The combatants in the camp weren't just the general population. They were active in the war against the Forsaken. It seems at points near the ending that Nyneve wasn't in on the switcharoo. She even expressed regret that Rand was the one dying and the "other" one seemed like he may make it. Why didn't she place Moridin under arrest? This didn't make sense to me either. Surely Nyneave and Moirane knew that the second body that emerged from the pit was one of the Forsaken, so why was he nursed to health and allowed to escape? Perhaps they did plan to question him but Alivia helped him escape? That should raise an alarm though.
  2. What has Nakomi done that gives any reason to think she has anything to do with the creator? To me she was a blunt instrument to get Avi thinking about the future of the Aiel and prepped (unnecessarily IMO) for dealing with her final trip through the glass ter'angrel. Avi's desire to help the Aiel people after the LB was aided by discussions with other WOs and didnt strictly need Nakomi. Besides, why is helping the Aiel to not become what Avi envisions creator-worthy? Yes it would be sad to see the Aiel degraded but the creator made and let the Seanchan run free and other cultures be eviserated (Sharans) without intervention. Why are the Aiel suddely so special? Likewise, if indeed it was Nakomi who helped Rand body switch (I am not convinced) again, why? The DO is tucked away and Rand "living" in hiding is no longer relevant to the pattern. He did the rest of the hard work on his own, why should intervention start now?
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