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  1. Four!! I've decided that two is all I can handle, one for each adult to tackle :) I bet your house is fun!
  2. Does anyone not care for Lan??? My mind can't comprehend that ;)
  3. A Weimaraner...so if you are familiar with the breed at all it is rather fitting!
  4. Reading through the responses it's easy to say, "oh that one", "no that one is my favorite", "wait that scene rocked too!" But one I come back to isn't overly dramatic, adventurous, scary, or thrilling. It is in The Great Hunt, when Lan preps Rand for the meeting with the Amrylin. It really felt like one of the first times that Lan was his own person, his own character. He was going to help Rand stand tall and be a man despite the way Rand's world had fragmented around him. Cat Crosses the Courtyard! :) In line with that I really liked Lan's thoughts on Rand in aMoL and Rand's gift to Lan. A great friendship! If Lan approves of you you must indeed be awesome.
  5. They all change a bit, some annoying at moments, not just the girls, but definitely not enough to justify stopping reading. It does help to vent about it at times! My husband read the series multiple times before I did, so when I felt as you did it was nice to hear him agree and let me vent. The man/Rand bashing gets rather old. While Rand is obviously not perfect it is easier to take a little Rand bashing from a character that also shows obvious concern and love for him. I will say I ended up loving Nynaeve, which I did not foresee starting these books.
  6. Egwene tried to discuss it and Rand refused. He withheld info on purpose and antagonized her to get the reaction he did. Regardless for all Rands knowledge he still needed Min to find the key answer for him and Egwene's research and final order on when to break the seals was as crucial as anything else. It was her duty as Amyrlin to question why after that first meeting in ToM. They both needed to listen to each other. Egwene needed to be convinced the seals actually had to be broken and Rand had to be convinced to wait for the right time. That was a big part of Moiraines role. Rand was certainly stubborn but Egwene was equally so. Rand withholding information in ToM was certainly a move, but as Faile noted what he needed to do to get everyone on one side and signing his Peace. I can see how that would put one on the defense but shouldn't the Amyrlin be better able to bring people around to her way then berating their ideas? Egwene shared her research with Elayne even saying that there may be a time to break the seals, but not at the start of the Last Battle, that she had the duty to choose the moment. But when talking to Rand she immediately goes on the defense, only stating the argument against breaking them altogether, never bringing up that he may be right in breaking them, just wrong about the timing. It is her duty to question, but she stubbornly controls, even Moraine had to get her to admit she had a dream with the seals being broken. She knows it is a possibilty but denies it due to the manner of it being presented, is that really mature respectful move? Instead of demanding respect why not earn it? Moraine was obviously necessary for both Rand and Egwene to relent. I just dislike how Egwene claims Rand is so stubborn and "wool-headed" yet acts the same herself. I rather liked when he called her a brat! I think it is good they never married, imagine the fights! ;)
  7. I don't recall reading/knowing this, that when the horn is sounded TAR and reality become one. Where is this stated? Just curious if it is assumption or fact. I actually read a theory that the bore is in TAR. This makes sense to me so far. If there is a dark one in every world, affecting every world, if Rand's battle affects other worlds, Lanfear being adept at TAR and the one who first drilled into the bore, Perrin being able to see / talk to Rand & girls at Shayol Ghul when he is in TAR, and so on as stated in the theory (http://www.theoryland.com/theories.php?func=5&rec=95&theo=2852#30114). So if the bore and battle were in TAR then could Rand's new powers of lighting his pipe by affecting reality be an after effect of this or a newly learned trait? In TAR you make something real by belief, just as he lit his pipe by believing it was. Did Alivia simply help Rand die by setting up his new life with clothes, horse, money, escape? Or did she preform a weave to transplant minds? My first impression was that she performed a weave but was not directly stated so opinions abound! :) Still doing catch up on all the pages so forgiveness is previously answered.
  8. from the future? She met nakomi before knowing about her children Oh I like this idea about Nakomi being Avi's renamed kid. Wasn't there some speculation that Aviendha could time travel? Unknowingly? I remember reading a post about it but can't recall the consensus. If there is a time traveling weave, or if it is related to the world of dreams, then Nakomi, as Avi's kid, can come back in time to prompt her mom to reenter the columns, thus beginning the process to save the Aiel. And for helping pull Rand out, either she was helping her father when needed or simply wanted to see him again, or both.
  9. I quite liked those! Exactly the little off hand details that we have grown used to in WoT and a nice way to answer some admitedly smaller but pervasive questions. Might just make these canon in my head :)
  10. Why? Jordan obviously wanted to leave more than a few mysteries to the series as it ended, so that his world would feel more like a living, breathing thing rather than just words in a book. It's frankly annoying to see people who just want to be spoon-fed everything about the stories. The explanations are there, in the books. Just use your head a bit. It is a massive world, we don't expect every single question one could imagine to be answered. BUT we have also been reading these books where many details, points of view, side trips, moments are the norm. I get the fast paced drop everything the last battle is here. But once it is done take a breath and realize that you have spent thousands of pages crafting a world that involves detail. And respect that if your readers have stayed with you for all these books then they probably appreciate details.
  11. Haha thanks. It's actually my username from a dog forum I visit, I felt that it abtly described my crazy puppy at the time. And my husband thought it was appropriate for me also as he has pointed out numerous times... :)
  12. Exactly and the reunion was totally flat for me. We never even saw a reunion with Moiraine and Siuan or Lan. Disappointing. Agree. So much build up with how her death affected Rand and how she was necessary for victory. I understand having to fit in a lot in the last book but so much was devoted to her in the pervious books that more was needed. I at the very least had expected to have Min's point of view, showing the light & dark firefly like lights, conveying Rand's emotions through the bond, satisfaction that her viewing was correct. I really wanted much more.
  13. As many have stated, Bela. My husband actually laughed at how mad I got about her dying. The saddest part that really bothers me is Tam lighting the funeral pyre. It was a sad scene, well written. But what bothers me about it is this-it seemed that Tam did not know that Rand survived. It was obvious and stated that the three girls knew, and were acting so off that people commented about it. But nothing in Tam's demeanor conveyed that he was acting. Now, yes, logically I know that one day Rand will go visit his father, they'll have a moment, but probably a ways down the road. But assuming that, and letting Tam think that his son is dead, and light his pyre?! That's not right. I adored Tam in this book and that ending was terribly sad. As for Gawyn and Egwene...I was kinda ok with both of them dying. They individually acted arrogantly. Gawyn being arrogant in his strength and desire for glory (completely ignoring all his years of Prince of the Sword and Warder training!). Egwene being arrogant in her knowledge, thinking that the title of Amyrlin gives her the right to dictate without question. Yes she was an excellent leader, she accomplished massive things. But she never once asked Rand why he felt the need to break the seals. Here is someone with knowledge that you should be scrambling to acquire, but you immediately assume that you know more than him. Being strong doesn't mean being controlling. I know many woman liked Egwene but she personally bothered me as a woman. I actually came to appreciate Nynaeve so much more as the series progressed.
  14. Tam. I adored Tam in this book. I've been waiting & wanting more Tam since Rand said goodbye to him in the Two Rivers. He was awesome, as a father, as a leader, as a soldier. And I really love how all the other characters commented on his greatness. Also really liked Lan's scenes. Especially the moment where he was thinking of how Nynaeve broke down his emotional walls but how Rand started the process. For some reason I never thought of that, with Rand, even though looking back it was obvious (scene of Lan prepping Rand back in book 2 for meeting with Suian is great). Talmanes kicked butt. Noal coming to save Olver was also great as many mentioned. Better stop now or I will just repeat half the book!
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