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  1. any good cia or spy novels?
  2. Rand: Seeing Rand's transformation throughout the series is incredible. By far my favorite character, just so much depth in him. He becomes the most powerful person in the world and does not want wealth, he just wants to get back to being normal. The pressure on him is enough to turn any man mad, even without the taint. I could see myself being great friends with Rand Mat: After TSR, i loved him. Just my type of personality. If I had to chose one guy to hang out with on the weekends, it would be Mat Perrin: Went from being shy to confident. Another great transformation throughout the
  3. The way i read that seen in the ToM is that Rand cut them off from the Dark One or broke their oaths. He said something like they are not a threat anymore, I... then he cut off. Its just the way I read the scene. Also, the ending would have been awesome if I never came here and read about the body switching
  4. I didnt like 90% of the books they made us read in high school
  5. Thanks man, I appreciate the suggestions. Hopefully I like them, I just know nothing will be able to replace The Wheel of Time.
  6. Just finished Way of Kings. Thought it was awesome and sets up for a nice series. The ending came of nowhere and the book could have been like 200 pages shorter. But I prefer longer books (when they are good) because I love reading them. Now I really have no idea what to read. I read Wot, ASOIF, LoTR, and a couple other series. I couldnt make it through Malazan Empire books. What about the Kingkiller Chronicle? Is it worth the read?
  7. Malazan Book of The Fallen series. I was at book 7 or 8 and just stopped. Too many books without my favorite POV's, to many new characters introduced too late in the series. Besides a few of the battles scenes, the books were pretty boring. Too many characters and too few lovable characters.
  8. Padan Fain suffered the worst fate in history Asha Men are all crazy and paranoid to the max. Seems like a worse than death situation to me Rand was the craziest of all. But overcame it because hes the main character.
  9. I feel like Be'Lal would have been the best. Too bad he died so early on
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