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  1. On a side note I think Moghedien has to be the most pathetic villain I've ever read in literature. Such an abject abomination.
  2. Honestly, I don't know why so many people like Mat as a character. The guys a man whore and the one woman he falls in love with is a slaver. He needs to be assassinated
  3. It will take years and years for Tuon to recapture Seanchan entirely.There were fifty nobles contending for the throne. However, when she does recapture it she'll have hundreds of thousands of veterans with gateways, more damane, ready to capture Randland. Who cares about a piece of paper? They have to find a loophole. The loophole can be already captured Aes Sedai or Wise Ones that will be demanded back. The Wise Ones know that if they continue on they will be annihilated by slavers. The Dragon's Peace is irrelevant because of the captured Wise Ones/ Aes Sedai, that should be a good enough loophole. The Seanchan are nothing more the conquerers who want more land and power. They're really abominable people. They're armies need to be wiped out, their damane killed or captured and the sul dam executed. No they need to be kicked out of the continent entirely. That vexes me more than anything. Someone should have wrote something on what happens to them. Rather than ending it.
  4. I have to say most of the villains in the Wheel of Time are rather boring. Comparrng Moridin to characters like Darken Rahl and Vladimar Harkonnen and there's really no comparison. Most of the villains sucked in the series. But that's probably because Jordan keeps it to PG-13. In regards to Graendal. I'm really not sure if she was ever a nymphomaniac but if she was I'm glad she was reborn as that made her character more interesting. Probably the most interesting Forsaken.
  5. What's probably going to happen is Perrin will have to use his abilties to send assasins into Ebou Dar and kill all the sul dam/ nobility. Cut off the heads and the body will fall. It has to happen or they're finsihed. Pity Sanderson/ Jordan couldn't put more of an epilogue after 14 books. Another 100 pages wouldn't have hurt to explain what would have happened. The Seanchan hold is very tenuous. THey can't get reinforcements. Between the Asha' Man Aes Sedai the armies of the contient will have to launch the attack a couple of weeks against the seanchan after the last battle. After all the battles the seanchan probably have (according to my estimates 700 damane and 450,000 troops (that includes the countries they conquered and the Wise One's) The damane were bloodied against Shara. (I think that battle was more devastating than people think. With 700 channelers each kill each other in a plain field) It's pretty simple to me. The armies HAVE to strike soon before they recruit more troops and damane among the countries and while Seanchan is in a civil war. Pity for Matrim Cauthon but the guy's an oaf and they need to get his ter angreal so the seanchan can't copy it. If they do forget it. The whole world will be conquered. IMO if the armies strike soon the Seanchan won't hold. Perrin should use his abilites to sneak the Aes Sedai/ Ashaman/ blademasters into the palace / damane holds... Most of their best fighters (the death watch) were killed.
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