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  1. I'm not sure how I cannot vote for Mat since I've reread the books just only reading the Mat chapters. Those chapters are the most fun for me to read. And kinda the point of reading is to enjoy it. The Mat chapters have some of the best quotes, points of view, and action is the entire series.
  2. I wonder the same thing that was originally posted. Why could we not have given a scene with Hawkwing and Tuon? If not then, at least in the epiloge which was really really short considering the volumes of story of the past 20 years. I have my own idea of how that dialog might have gone down, but unfortunately, I'm just a fan of the series.
  3. The saddest moment for me was when Hopper died. Both in the real world and again to end his soaring soul. Yeah, Egg died too, but at least she will be reborn. Alas Hopper! In case the point was missed, I love dogs and cry a bit inside whenever a tv show or movie decides to kill one.
  4. Nyneave did what all the Aes Sedai thought was impossible by fixing stilled/gentiled people. So I can't see why anything is impossible in that world.
  5. I picked Lanfear. Not because she was the most effective, but because I enjoyed reading the chapters with her in them the most. She could have won had not that compulsion been broken at the end.
  6. Since almost every female charactor is described at various levels of pretty already, I'd base my choice on personality instead. I'd pick Birgette. She is described as a hard drinking biker chick with a horse instead of a Harley. A bow instead of a .38 special. Every time we'd go on a date I'd not be certain if a bar fight would break out. The marriage would be an adventure.
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