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  1. Been skimming through the WoT Wiki today to refresh my memory on some things and get more details in general. In the breaking article an interesting question is brought up. The breaking was caused by insane male Aes Aedai. However during the AoL there were an equal number of male/female AS and presumably after the sealing the ratio would of been pretty much the same in the abscene of any evidence that female AS were culled in greater numbers. This results in a situation where there are relatively equal numbers of sane, rational, organised women in tandem with insane, isolated, desp
  2. Fair enough on that then. I did not do a full re-read before picking up aMoL so there are countless small things I do not remember from before that may relate to now. Personally I would of preferred if he had not survived.
  3. Looks like they were dedicated not to Shadow but to a great leader, promised by the prophesies? And only a relatively small part of the entire nation followed Demandred. Semantics, a point would of come where they knew they were aligning with the Shadow behind Bao. Yet they still seemed to think it a good idea. Of course the whole nation was not there, but it seemed a huge portion of the leadership and those with power in Shara were and again chose to inexplicably side with the Shadow. Prophecies can be powerful, but to convince so many of one people to actively fight for the destruc
  4. This is an interesting topic, how the Tower potentially failed in every way to actively perform the function of its creation, rather it just stumbled through. In a way you could argue it was flawed from the begining by creating the Ajah's which relegated the overriding mandate to a single Ajah, and even then put no significant onus on that Ajah and by extention all the rest to aggressively prepare at all times for Tarmon Gaiden. I think the problem was over the millenia the WT fell in with the general mindset of the world that the Dragon, his return, and the last batle were taboo, e
  5. What's the deal with the Sharan's?. The book said Demandred met some list of prophecies they had and they united behind him. Why would an entire continent of humans, nearly half the landmass of the whole world going by the maps, freely commit to the Shadow. It's just so bizarre, an entire super nation of dedicated nihilists. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Ironically, due to their extreme isolation by natural barrier's and cultural oddities nothing will probably change much for them in the post DO world despite their actions making them the most hated rac
  6. Long thread so this may of been brought up. How could they feed and supply such an enormous amount of mouths in these armies?. It may be fantasy but the rules are the same. The books dealt with 100,000s, most in this thread feel it should of been the high millions. I dont think the numbers expected are even remotely feasible for a pre industrial world. On top of the fact the preceeding 2 years had gutted the lands due to weather anomalies and warfare significantly reducing total food output. There simply isnt enough food produced to feed that many concentrated mouths and even if
  7. Siuan stands out the most. She had been involved with the story right from the absolute begining (of this life time) when her and Moiraine witnessed the foretelling of Rand's birth. Near the end she becomes increasingly unimportant despite having so much to offer. Then she is randomly and unceremoniously killed off and forgotten about.
  8. Something that occured to me after finishing. Does Mat's luck derive from his Ta'veren?. If so Mat is kind of screwed now as the 3 of them are no longer Ta'veren. He would essentially be a normal human albeit with the skills of a great captain and a master grade fighter. His luck was a huge part of him. Perrin surely retains his funky Tel'ahran'riod crossover and teleportation skills, aswell as his super senses and wolf talking. Rand, well his powers seemed to be replaced with one hell of an upgrade. That leaves Mat out in the cold
  9. I think he should of died. The body transfer was a copout. I also agree Rand's plan to outright destroy the DO and end cycle was the right course, and the reasoning given in the book against this was very flawed.
  10. Just finished. Got that slightly overwhelmed/claustophobic feeling that often comes at the end of a good story. For the most part I liked it. I think Rand should of died completely though. All in all it was a rather overly happy ending - All 3 main characters live and all of the most immediately special people to those 3 also live. Elayne, Aviendha, Min, Faile, Tuon, Tam, Abel Cauthon, Moiraine, Nyneave, Lan etc. Only Egwene really stands out as a major character loss and stands out kind of like a 'I want to keep most everyone alive but I have to kill someone major or the e
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