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  1. Just following the logic and the clues... Nakomi appears out of nowhere in the waste and created stuff out of nowhere... Nakomi name is an 'ancient' name... maybe from an aiel of the previous age long forgotten... Nakomi appears before Rand to ensure he goes on, no longer Ta'veren but her replacement for the next age... And the Wheel of Time turns again and again and again...
  2. Nakomi only appears in some instances to provide 'advice' but the way she provides such advice is obviously beyond the simple use of the one power. Who is Nakomi? The answer is surprinsingly simple. Nakomi is in the 3rd age that just ended what Rand Al Thor is to the 4rd age that is now beginning. Nakomi was born on the 2nd age, she was Ta'veren and it was her actions in the pattern of the age that bound her and become part of the 3rd age itself. Think about it... she brings up stuff just by thinking it so just like Rand can do now. It was Nakomi who swapped Rand and Moridin's minds and with that her job is done in the 3rd age. Now its Rand's turn to watch over the 4rd age, he will be an agent of the pattern, going were and if he is needed.
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