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  1. I think Harriet should make and executive decision on this one. How can you have 15 book series and that is it? Yes they should write some more for sure.
  2. I am doing my second read of the series and am currently on CrossRoads. I just got to thinking that Balwer reminds me of what Mordeth/Fain should have been. He seems like a good guy and is knowledgeable. He seems to have good intentions and that seems to be the different. Under different circumstances would he have ended up the same as Mordeth. I just thought it was an interesting connection since Mordeth started out as an advisor to the king of Aridhol.
  3. What did you think of my Quote. Seemed pretty witty huh?
  4. Hey I have not seen a topic on the best quotes from the series. I had what I felt might be one of the best and it inspired me to not be just a reader but to join the forums. This is from from WH Chapter 10. Min, Avienda and Elayne are bonding Rand. Min say to Avi: "Min speard her hands. "I don't know what anybody's toes have to do with anything, or feet either, but I'm not going anywhere until you talk to them Rand!" " This was in response to Avi's comments on Jie 'e ' toh (probably spelled wrong - I was not raised as a noble) If any of you have great sayings from the series. Thanks.
  5. Hi I am from Cail. Living in Utah. Love the books. Yada, Yada, Yada
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