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  1. Unfortunately for me, by the end of the series the Seanchan were the only interesting part of the story, because they were still largely unexplored. All the rest - Aes Sedai, Aiel, Randland kingdoms, Forsaken, etc. had started becoming kind of ordinary by then. So I was looking forward to Mat's story arc most of all, I was reading the book because of that story arc, and was most interested in the Seanchans and their society and culture. I wonder if there will be any sequel with Mat and the Seanchan?
  2. She tells that as a dark humor joke. It's kind of obvious. And it would have fitted Jordan's Tuon as well. The change is actually that she no longer smiles, and she no longer shows any compassion. She used to be reserved in public, but now she is downright mean and cold. That is not something that changes with the situation, people don't just drop their defining character traits when they get a promotion. Besides, her previous post - DotNM was pretty responsible, as well. Any way, at least to me, when I was reading, I thought several times "Are we talking about the same person?"
  3. That happens in the books Sanderson wrote, however. I don't think that Jordan would have written anything like that. Since Sanderson took over the books, her character has changed for the worse. There is Jordan's Tuon, and there is Sanderson's Tuon, and they are not the same person. You shouldn't hold the deeds of Sanderson-Tuon against Jordan-Tuon.
  4. That is actually not so. If you pay attention to how Tuon is depicted before Sanderson takes over, you'd notice that she's actually a pretty decent person. In WH Jordan goes out of his way to point out that she's treats her damane well, she believes that no one should be allowed to own damane if they don't show active interest, she also puts on her veil specifically because she had one of her damane beaten unfairly. In her POV chapter it's also pointed out that her "stern judge" mask is a mask, she's trained actively to maintain it because she worries she wouldn't project authority otherwise. Also in WH, when she Mat lies to her he wanted to give one of the damane sweets she abandons her "mask" and breaks out in smiles. In KoD she mentions that she does not believe in unnecessary pain (that when she kills one of the Dark Friends to save her the agony). But I also agree with you, in that after Sanderson takes over, she just changes. She no longer smiles, and she's not a very good person. There's no longer depth about her. But I don't believe it has anything to do with her becoming the Empress, it's just that Sanderson probably didn't "get" the subtle hints from Jordan's depictions that she's a "closet" decent person among the Seanchan. Also you'll notice that the most ridiculous things about assassins were after Sanderson took over - Jordan probably never had intention to present assassinating as some kind of a national sport, where Seanchans joke about it and tell you to your face they'll send assassins after you - in the books written by Jordan, Seanchans take loyalty seriously, for example in Suroth's POV in KoD she initially cringes at the thought of killing the Empress - and she's a Dark Friend! But if you create your impressions solely from the later books, then you're right.
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