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  1. I'm surprised that few people seem to share this conclusion. Seemed obvious that Rand had ascended to an attuned ability to see and interact with the very threads of all reality itself. Much like the vision of a person, theoretically, who attains true enlightenment and sees everything in its pure essence. I thought it was perfect, and balanced with his newfound peace and freedom to simply live. The pattern was offering him this new life as thanks for the role he'd played, and off he rode into the sunset.
  2. With the story now finished, I now believe I may need this group to fill the void in my heart. Farewell, heroes of the Light.
  3. That was hilarious. Most of Mat's scenes were amazing in the series, this book being no exception. I loved when Pevara asked Androl if he'd just compared her to old leather. Fist pumped to Perrin overpowering compulsion and snapping Lanfear's neck.
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