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  1. I think that what they have written is completely adequate. I would want more, but it wouldn't be at all by Jordan. I don't want WoT to be ruined by other people trying to fill in the gaps. Its up to the reader to decide, and I like that.
  2. Did anyone else hate her as much as me? Hands down second worst character, second only to Gawyn. I respect her for doing what she felt strongly about, but come on. Rand is the Dragon and obviously right about the Seals. He was just being polite in asking her. Ugh she just bothers me so much. I did like her in the Tower figthing Elaida but that's basically the only time I liked her. And maybe tEotW. Marrying Gawyn was the worst decision ever. She just got more annoying as time passed. Anyone feel the same way?
  3. Perrin- Liked him at first, but when he lost Faile things got bad. I didn't like him until aMoL.
  4. Egwene- I liked her a little through like the 6th book. And then she just started to go down help. I just reread the scene at the meeting in Merrilor and she is just such a self-confident, full of herself know it all brat. And Gawyn was like the worst guy in the series-he was so stupid. Why did she forgive him for what he did to the White Tower?! That decision to marry him alone made me hate her. Elayne- Liked her at first but then she went down hill. Aviendha- Same thing. If she had stayed a Maiden I would still have liked her. But the whole thing about her getting angry she wasn't a Wise One yet thing got me annoyed, even if she felt the right way.
  5. I have three: 1) Why does the death of Siuan and Gawyn affect their bond mates so much? Alanna got over it in like three days. 2) Crap I forgot. 3) And this one too. Haha
  6. WHEN RAND DIDN'T DIE. And Bela of course. And Hurin. Loved that guy.
  7. I think the Great Hunt is the best because RJ really starts to get in his stride with the characters. And the whole thing at Falme is epic.
  8. Why was the second to last book called Towers of Midnight? They were mentioned like once...
  9. Well, its a bit difficult to train killer weaves when one cannot kill men. But yeah I agree that they should have done somethiing crazy.
  10. Sammael is cool and my favorite, but the most effective was probably Demandred.
  11. That's true. Also, in the first book, Moiraine barely beat the five hundred or so Trollocs, but in the last one, the Aes Sedai kill thousands AND Moiraine had a ter'angreal. Why?
  12. Who was the most important person in the Last Battle at Merrilor? Lan, Egwene, Mat...?
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