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  1. Yeah oddly enough that along with Mat's bet with Galad and Thom popping Darkfriends were the few times I actually chuckled out loud. The Gawyn/Galad conversation and Galad's instant ACCEPTANCE of the news that he is Rand's half brother and how he then attmepts to bring down Demandred not just because it's right, but both to avenge one brother and to assist his newly discovered one. I liked Galad so much more than his whiny/spoiled/self-important younger sibling, although Gawyn does grow alot while spilling his blood out onto the battlefield. Those moments were great, but by far, my favorite character in all of the novels was al'Lan Mandragoran. "I did not come here to win, I came here to kill you." Perfect. Brandishing Demondred's head? Priceless.
  2. On the subject of Alanna, if removing the bond is so simple (and the cavalier way Eqwene uses and removes her bond with the seanchan woman who's name escapes me makes it seem so) why did she wait so long to remove the bond with Rand?
  3. I just finished it this morning. I for one, feel Mr. Sanderson brought the series back to the style it had begun with. For that, and for finishing a story I began reading over 20 years ago, I thank him. Sure, things could have been handled differently, people that died could have lived and vice versa, but then again, it's always easier to criticize than to create. Thank you Mr. Jordan and thank you Mr. Sanderson. I only have one request. Please let it end here and let there be no sequels. Give Rand the rest he deserves.
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