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  1. I'm going to comfort myself with the notion that the whole metal-melting thing also happened at Valan Luca's show and that the lions were able to escape and maul him. It's also a pretty neat explanation for how Petra was in Ebou Dar as a gate guard.
  2. I've always thought that this was the most likely scenario. I mean, what else could there possibly be that she needed to communicate to Galad? Galad who she has never had any interaction with that we can see. Galad who is head of what remains of The Children. Perrin and Galad needed to work together for the Light side to have a greater chance of success and I could see Verin using this twisy-turney method as it suits her typical MO. Also, had she communicated the news directly to Perrin, it's not as if Bornhald would have even believed anything he said. The ONLY way Bornhald was going to believe that Perrin had nothing to do with murdering his own family (or that his whole family was shadow spawn) was to hear it come directly from Galad (who had no idea Verin was BA and could even possibly lie-- although I'm convinced in this matter at least, she was being completely truthful) All in all, it was a brilliant move and until I hear evidence to the contrary, I'm convinced this is what was in Verin's letter to Galad.
  3. One thing I really want to know is did Alanna serve the dark or the light? I realize this will probably not be covered because we all know her fate, but it would make a difference to know if the DO owns her soul or not.
  4. I ultimately had to vote yes because I refuse to believe that in a series where choices are so important that the most fundamental of choices to choose to serve good or evil would be taken completely out of a person's hands. Do I think it is possible to "unturn" someone who has been 13x13? Yes, Will it come about easily? No. I think that like any kind of severe psychological trauma, there will never be complete healing, but I think that it will be possible to overturn the original turning. To think that any human being is powerless to choose would be tragic.
  5. Birgette knew them from traveling with them to Ebou Dar and from their mutual time staying there. She would have known they would have been a couple of Olver's "uncles." Oh, the more I think about this, the happier I get because I would hate to think that Vanin and Harnan died in that horrible trolloc camp.
  6. The more I think about it, I think that Egwene's death meant the most because not only did she take out a nouveau Forsaken and 99% of the Sharan channelers, she most likely saved the entire pattern from unraveling.
  7. LOL, with any luck he was eaten by one of the lions who managed to escape from their cages during a random bubble of evil. Seriously, that whole arc annoyed the heck out of me although it would have been hilarious to see a scene between Valan and Lan.
  8. Nothing like that will be included in the Encyclopedia. We know RJ wanted to leave things open ended. For the most part, I agree with this. I mean, I don't need to know the fate of every single Aiel, AS, Ashaman, or Emond's Fielder. However it truly would be nice to know about at the very least some secondary and tertiary characters. Here is a partial list of characters I would love to know either lived or died: Aiel-- All the clan chiefs, prominent maidens (Sulin, etc...) and Wise Ones. For that matter, I wonder did any of the captured Shaido WO were forced into the LB by the Seanchan. It doesn't seem right if Amys dies, yet Therava lives on. AS-- Silviana, Theodrin, Faolin, Saerin, any of the sitters (from either faction) that we didn't see die on or off screen. Emond's Fielders-- Umm, the Al'Veres? What about characters like Wil A;'Seen and some of the other boys/men who followed Perrin? All we know for sure is that Jori Congar died smothered to death by a dead trolloc (ewwwwww, what a way to go) Ashaman-- What about Flinn and Narishma? I'm pretty sure Neald and Grady are mentioned right at the end so they're probably safe. Oh, and for the love of the light, can somebody please tell me if Morgase, Tallanvor, Lini, and Basil Gill lived or not? I could care less about any of the Sea Folk. That lot annoyed the heck out of me and I'm glad that a lot of them were up in SG were the casualties were highest.
  9. Okay, now that I think about it some more, I'm starting to think that it might have truly been Morgase who was used to represent "dead"Elayne. For that matter, now I'm curious as to whether or not there was a Tallanvor sighting in aMoL. One would think he would have been somewhere either with Perrin's men or the soldiers of Andor. I will be highly disappointed if I find out that Morgase/Tallanvor died as I thought they had wonderful arcs.
  10. I find it hard to swallow that Morgase is the dead/Elayne doppelganger just because I think Elayne would have had a stronger reaction. Don't have the book with me right now, but it seemed as if the tone of the scene wasn't as intense as it would have been had Elayne noticed the dead look-alike was her mother.
  11. I would also be very curious to know the fates of Vanin and Harnan. Also, speaking of Redarms, what about the one (forgot his name) that was last seen with the people of Hinderstap?
  12. The Two Rivers bowmen clearing a path for Lan Hinderstap-- I actually had to set the book down and laugh hilariously for a few moments Faile's desperate actions at the end with the horn/leaving Olver alone in the middle of a trolloc camp and that being the best choice available The moment we realized that Harnan and Vanin were NOT darkfriends (by the way, did they end up living or dying?) Knotai The mental image I now have of Mat getting a manicure. Thom casually killing off the BA and hiding their bodies behind a rock while composing a ballad. Jain freaking Farstrider coming back for Olver Mat standing on the saddle trying to control the raken in utter desperation and Olver complaining about his landing Nynaeve going all battlefield surgeon and stitching up Alana with needle and thread--- seriously hard core stuff there! Any scene with Tam Al'Thor in it.
  13. Hello everyone. I'm a long time fan of WoT fan, (first started reading them in early 1997) but until this last book I've never felt the need to join in the discussions on the forums. Of all of the interesting characters that RJ has created, Matrim Cauthon tops the list for me. I can see where many people would think that Mat's relationship with Fortuona might seem jarring,out of place, and even forced in spots, but I think that had the original plan not been disrupted by RJ's untimely demise, (that being that RJ had already planned the Outrigger series as a tool to develop Mat/Fortuona and continue their saga) most everyone would have made allowances for their lack of development as a couple. Honestly, I think each of them are marvelously developed as individuals and it would have indeed been quite an enjoyable series, but I digress. It just wasn't in the cards (pun intended) for Mat/Fortuona's storyline to fully flesh out within the parameters of the WoT series. As Mat tops the list as one of my favorite fictional characters ever written, I feel as if I really do "get" him. Oh I know that many others of you do as well, but I would love to take this opportunity to add my .02 if you please. My personal observations on why Mat/Fortuona make sense: Fortuona's traits highlighted in blue to show why I think they are a good balance for each other. Although Mat is often seen on the surface as being immature and irresponsible, he never wavers on "doing the right thing" no matter the personal cost. He will rescue a stranger in a barn. He will break into an impenetrable fortress. He will jump into the waterwood to rescue someone in spite of ridicule, he will go towards almost certain death to rescue a woman he doesn't particularly like because he knows he's the only one that has a chance to pull it off. He will sacrifice half the light of the world to save the world. I could go on and on. Fortuona also seems to have some of those same characteristics within the limited scope of what we see of her actions. She gave Tylin and Beslan the best chances possible to rule their nations. She's outaged at the thought of someone trying to be inappropriate with damane in the kennels. She bravely accepts her abduction by Mat in the middle of the night when she easily could have done otherwise. She unselfishly gives away of her favorite doll to the man who saved her-- then continues to show loyalty to the same man by giving him an "out" when he failed to protect her. She thinks that she would deserve death if she didn't prove strong enough or capable enough to hold the Crystal Throne. She delays to officially accept her role as empress (when her people desperately needed a leader to step up) to try to salvage the situation with DarkRand in TGS (hey, she had no idea those were false prophecies-- she thought she was doing what was needed to be done for the light to win) Mat's reaction upon hearing that he would marry the DotNM. Fortuona's reaction upon hearing the damane foretell who she would wed. They both keep their word. Mat always keeps A Promise. Fortuona also keeps her promises. Mat is a great fighter even if he doesn't look the part. Fortuona can definitely hold her own and is actually expected to. Mat hates being touched with the power. In fact, he hates it so much the finns gave him the medalion. Many times Mat will suffer being stitched up and having scars to avoid being touched by the OP. Fortuona suffers severe burns and injuries with pretty much the same outlook. Mat accepts being married to a woman he would have never in a million year chosen for himself had he not been Taveren and his thoughts start to adapt to this change. For example, he starts telling himself that other women have too much hair, or that they are too buxon, etc. Fortuona has to endure the silent ridicule and disapproval of most of her people (we know this from the limited POV's we get from some of the Seanchan) in order to be married to a man she would have never chosen in a million years to marry had he not been Taveren. In fact, the whole fact that she renames him shows the amount of respect she has for her marriage to him and it allows him to get away with his antics without her having to call him out (or execute him) over it. One of the most hilarious pieces of dialogue was when she had to try to answer Egwene's "you actually married him?" comments. Mat has a very gallows sense of humor. Fortuona does as well (the "I can kill you now" comment) Can anybody seriously see Mat married to an original inhabitant of Randland? All of the women there are just too.... mundane for him. He needed someone who is as radical and as out there as he is. And last but not least....... Fortuona looking over her shoulder for the assassin. That moment right there cemented Mat/Fortuona for me.
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